Sandra Bullock's Latest, Our Brand Is Crisis, Has Worst Opening of Her Career 

Sandra Bullock’s latest movie, Our Brand Is Crisis, had the worst opening of her career. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the political “dramedy” opened yesterday with only $1.1 million in sales and an estimated projection of $3.3 million for the weekend. Critics have not been kind to the film which was a “passion… »10/31/15 12:00pm10/31/15 12:00pm

This Week In Tabloids: Leo Breaks the Pussy Posse's Golden Rule By Getting Engaged

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we go to our new magazine store, ask for the tabloids, get told they’re “not in yet,” take the train FOUR STOPS to the better, bigger, more reliable magazine store, buy the tabloids, take the train FOUR STOPS to get back to the office, read them while walking, and nearly get hit by a… »10/07/15 3:10pm10/07/15 3:10pm

This Week In Tabloids: Trust Me, Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Definitely Splitting Up

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we get a call from Beyoncé, pause the episode of Cheers we’re watching on Netflix, answer the phone, say, “Bey? You there?” listen to her breathe into the phone for a few moments before finally saying, “It’s over,” after which all the lights in your home flicker and shake as you… »9/09/15 2:15pm9/09/15 2:15pm

Oh, Yay, a Political Drama in Which the US 'Saves' Another Country

Our Brand is Crisis, brought to you by the producers of Argo, stars Sandra Bullock playing another white savior type, this time as a US political envoy tasked with the glorious mission of literally SAVING Bolivia, even though—oopsies!!!—she doesn’t speak Spanish! Haha!! GOOD ONE, TRAILER. »9/08/15 6:00pm9/08/15 6:00pm

Sandra Bullock’s Hot New Boyfriend Once Smeared Dog Shit on His Neighbor’s Door

Before Sandra Bullock’s boyfriend had a name, he was simply the “super hot” and “super normal” guy she was allegedly seeing. But now that we know his name (Bryan Randall), we’re beginning to learn all kinds of new things about him - like how he was once accused of smearing dog shit on someone’s door. »9/08/15 9:35am9/08/15 9:35am

Goddamn It, I've Known Who Sandra Bullock's Boyfriend Is For So Long

Earlier this month, after I’d published a story about Sandra Bullock’s “super hot” new boyfriend, a loyal reader emailed me. “Can give name and photo of Sandy B’s new bf,” their message said. My eyes widened. I felt like Bob Woodward getting a call from Deep Throat in 1972, only if Bob Woodward wrote for the Arts… »8/28/15 5:10pm8/28/15 5:10pm

Have You Heard? Sandra Bullock’s New Boyfriend Is, Like, Super Hot

Psssssst, have you spoken to Sandy lately? Sandy B. Oh, me neither, but I heard from her friend’s friend, you know the one who’s always telling Us Weekly everything? Well she said that Sandy B. is dating some photographer and that she brought him to Jennifer’s wedding. Jennifer A. Yes! A photographer! And she said… »8/19/15 9:45am8/19/15 9:45am

Sandra Bullock's 911 Stalker Call Will Definitely Give You Nightmares

At the preliminary hearing for her alleged stalker, Joshua Corbett, a 911 call made by Sandra Bullock was played in court. The call was made from inside a closet after Bullock realized an intruder was in her home, and it’s pretty darned terrifying. Like Panic Room but without the elegant camerawork or Jared Leto’s … »4/10/15 10:10am4/10/15 10:10am

​Sandra Bullock Reunited with the Best of Her Leading Dudes Last Night

Last night Spike TV had their Guys Choice Awards (this one's just for the dudes), where they honored Sandra Bullock with the Decade of Hotness award because apparently they hired people who sounds like they got kicked off their high school yearbook staff to name their prestigious awards. I get it. It's Spike. It's… »6/08/14 2:07pm6/08/14 2:07pm

Sandra Bullock Wins Everything At The People's Choice Awards

[LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 08: Actress Sandra Bullock, winner of the Favorite Movie Actress, Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress and Favorite Comedic Movie Actress awards, poses in the press room at The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on January 8, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by… »1/08/14 10:30pm1/08/14 10:30pm