Polio-Like Mystery Illness Afflicts Children in Northern California

In Northern California’s Bay Area, an illness that resembles polio is affecting children and doctors aren’t sure what it is. The affliction develops as a sudden weakness in the arms and legs or "symptoms of paralysis." If your child exhibits these signs, health officials recommend they see a doctor immediately. » 2/25/14 10:00am 2/25/14 10:00am

These Cookie Stand Entrepreneurs Are the Most San Francisco Kids Ever

These two girls in the upscale Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco are lightyears ahead of America's unenlightened children, who toil over crappy lemonade stands, mixing Country Time powder into a vat of lukewarm water with vague ambition for future riches. For starters, they've already figured out how to prey on… » 1/05/14 3:30pm 1/05/14 3:30pm

Best-Ever Holiday Window Displays Star Adoptable Puppies and Kittens

An extremely important piece of information has come to Jezebel's attention: A Macy's in San Francisco has opted for a rather unique holiday window display. Forget designer gowns or Christmas trees. Instead, the company's Union Square location has partnered with the SF SPCA to fill them with adorable, adoptable puppies … » 11/26/13 6:20pm 11/26/13 6:20pm

Gay Rights Pioneer José Sarria Goes Out in Grand Style

Few people will admit this kind of morbidity in polite company, but it’s fun to fantasize about having a crazy, over-the-top, orangutans-as-pallbearers, Liza Minnelli-hired-to-wail-as-they-lower-your-coffin-into-the-earth-forever funeral (comedian Nick Swardson, for instance, discusses funeral antics with all the glee… » 9/07/13 1:00pm 9/07/13 1:00pm

Here's a List of Items Found at a S.F. Music Festival

Last weekend's Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco was so fucking fun that apparently the entire city — and quite a few tourists — left something behind. From SF Appeal, unclaimed items include several smartphones, numerous wallets, keys, cameras, credit cards, driver’s licenses, three German passports, two… » 8/13/13 10:30pm 8/13/13 10:30pm

When Your Smartphone Chauffeur Becomes a Stalker

Lyft, one of San Francisco's most beloved new apps, isn't a bad idea if you think about it very briefly: the city's transit service isn't great, so let's make it easy to pay for a ride from your fellow man. But, surprise, when you let almost anyone be a cab driver, your fellow man is going to creep you the hell out. » 7/16/13 2:38pm 7/16/13 2:38pm

Horriblest-Craziest Video Ever: Naked Man Attacks Woman at Metro Stop

How fun, a naked San Franciscan did some acrobatics all over the 16th Street Bart Station last month! Well, that's how some local media outlets initially (and very regrettably) described the story. Based on new video footage, the man was definitely mentally ill and/or high — and he aggressively attempted to assault a… » 6/11/13 6:40pm 6/11/13 6:40pm

Of Course the Most Annoying Craigslist Ad Ever Is from San Francisco

Once upon a time, a long long time ago (ok, a year and a half), I lived amongst the techies and burners of San Francisco. I'll always love that beautiful city for its breathtaking views and burritos, but Christ did all that chillness stress me the fuck out. I never felt more like a neurotic high-strung misfit than the… » 2/07/13 4:30pm 2/07/13 4:30pm

SF District Attorney: 'Real Men Do Not Abuse Women'

At a news conference this morning announcing SF's decision to declare Valentine's Day in San Francisco "One Billion Rising Day" — which strives to draw attention to the fact that an estimated one billion women and girls are affected by domestic or sexual violence — District Attorney George Gascon reminded listeners that… » 2/06/13 2:05pm 2/06/13 2:05pm