Uber Driver Threatened to Rape and Kill San Francisco Passenger 

Uber is yet again facing questions about its safety standards after a San Francisco woman documented voicemails and phone calls from a driver who threatened to rape and kill her. In a first person account on SFist, Eve Batey recounted the violent threats of one of the company’s drivers issued after he was unable to… »10/17/15 12:45pm10/17/15 12:45pm

Obama Offers Advice to President Wannabe Kanye West

President Obama offered some pearls of wisdom to 2020 presidential hopeful Kanye West during this morning’s Democratic National Committee event in San Francisco. “You may have heard that Kanye is thinking about running for speaker of the House,” he said to the crowd, who immediately erupted in laughter. “It couldn’t… »10/10/15 5:30pm10/10/15 5:30pm

Three "Drifters" Suspected in Bay Area Shooting Deaths Arrested in Portland

Three people suspected in the shooting death of Steve Carter, 67, a tantra yoga teacher whose body was found Monday along a hiking trail outside San Francisco, his wounded dog still attached to his hand by a leash, were booked on murder warrants, police in Portland, Oregon, said Thursday. »10/10/15 5:15pm10/10/15 5:15pm

San Francisco Supervisors Vote to Approve Memorial to WWII 'Comfort Women' 

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed legislation on Tuesday urging the city to build a memorial in remembrance of the approximately 200,000 women who were forced into sex slavery by the Japanese army during World War II. The decision puts pressure on the city to take on the project, but does not actually… »9/25/15 3:20pm9/25/15 3:20pm

Be Careful, Your House Sitter Might Move Your 1D Cutouts and Put Your Place on Airbnb

Relevant news for those of you who were planning to leave your home in the care of a sitter the next time you go on vacation: A San Francisco couple hired someone to take care of their house while they frolicked at Burning Man, and were shocked to find that the guy watching over their castle was renting it on Airbnb… »9/18/15 6:50pm9/18/15 6:50pm

4 SF Cops Will Face No Charges for Firing 59 Shots at Taser-Armed Man

On Friday, the San Francisco District Attorney's office announced that the four police officers—Nathan Chew, Richard Schiff, Roger Morse and Jason Sawyer—who killed 28-year-old Alex Nieto last March in Bernal Heights Park will not face charges. Although they fired 59 shots at Nieto, they did so "to protect themselves… »2/13/15 8:00pm2/13/15 8:00pm