The First Gay Marriages in Ireland Have Now Officially Been Performed

Hot on the heels of this morning’s announcement that same-sex marriage is now legal in Ireland, the first gay couple to be lawfully wed has come forward to make their long-term relationship legal. Cormac Gollogly and Richard Dowling have been together for 12 years and couldn’t be happier that their partnership is… »11/17/15 2:51pm11/17/15 2:51pm


Mormon Church Threatens to Excommunicate Same-Sex Couples, Excludes Their Children From Baptism

On Thursday, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints added new guidelines to its church policy outlining the treatment of same-sex couples and their children. According to the Washington Post, the Mormon Church will no longer baptize children living in same-sex households and will now consider those in… »11/06/15 1:30pm11/06/15 1:30pm

Kim Davis's Emails Show Most Kentucky Clerks Want Different Marriage Licenses for LGBT Couples

The investigative site MuckRock, which focuses on filing Freedom of Information Act requests, has gotten Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, with some difficulty, to release 482 of her recent emails. Among other things, they show that the majority of the county clerks in Kentucky want to issue marriage licenses to whoever… »10/20/15 5:35pm10/20/15 5:35pm

Kim Davis: Pope Endorsed My Struggle! Pope: Nah 

Kim Davis, a famously ineffective Kentucky county clerk, has been strutting all over the fucking media, being like “I am a true Christian because I took a meeting with the Pope.” It turns out that meeting was really more like a late-night text conversation, in which Davis wrote, “Hey babe, wanna cum over?” and the… »10/02/15 9:50am10/02/15 9:50am

Texas Pastor Pleads Guilty to Yelling Anti-Gay Nonsense at Supreme Court 

A self-described pastor who tried to drown out President Obama’s second inauguration with shouting has pleaded guilty to trying to drown out the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling with shouting. He faces up to one year in prison. That will probably not deter him from future shouting. »9/29/15 9:31am9/29/15 9:31am

Kentucky Woman Announces Continued Plans to Not Do Her Job 

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis returned to work Monday morning after six days in county jail for contempt of court and a long weekend just because. She told a gaggle of reporters that she will still refuse to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but “won’t interefere” if her deputy clerks do grant them. »9/14/15 9:00am9/14/15 9:00am

Unclear on How Jail Works, Huckabee Offers to Go in Kim Davis's Place

Kim Davis was released from jail Tuesday morning, with instructions not to interfere with her office handing out marriage licenses to legally eligible couples. Unwilling to let his opportunity for publicity-friendly faux martyrdom slip away that easily, Mike Huckabee offered this afternoon to go to jail “in her place.” »9/08/15 3:32pm9/08/15 3:32pm

Kim Davis Released From Prison, Status Reports Required Every 14 Days

As of September 8, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has been released from Carter County Detention Center on the strict condition that she not “interfere in any way, directly or indirectly, with the efforts of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples. However, so long as Davis remains… »9/08/15 2:30pm9/08/15 2:30pm

Mike Huckabee: Kim Davis Only Has to Uphold the Law 'If It's Right'

In his continuing bid to demonstrate his weak grasp on the American branches of government and generally how we do things around here, Mike Huckabee is defending anti-gay, marriage license-denying county clerk Kim Davis, saying she only needs to uphold the law “if it’s right” and saying she’s “fighting judicial… »9/07/15 12:45pm9/07/15 12:45pm

Thrice-Divorced Kentucky Homophobe Must Explain to a Judge Why She Shouldn't Be Held in Contempt

The saga of Kim Davis continues. The bigoted county clerk (who found Jesus only four years ago and is making up for lost time) will have to face District Judge David Bunning this week to explain exactly why her refusal to issue marriage licenses shouldn’t land her in jail or with a massive fine. And “fear of going to… »9/02/15 12:15pm9/02/15 12:15pm

KY County Clerk Ordered to Issue Marriage Licenses Again, Still Refusing to Do So

If there’s one thing that can be said about Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, it’s that she’s really committed to wearing ankle-length denim skirts in public. Also, she’s also a tireless bigot who continues to refuse gay and lesbian women marriage licenses even though the courts have ordered her to do it twice. »8/27/15 12:07pm8/27/15 12:07pm

Republicans Propose 'Religious Freedom' Law in Wake of Gay Marriage

In the wake of both the Supreme Court’s recent ruling and the debacle that occurred in Indiana when the state government attempted to allow businesses to discriminate on the basis of religious freedom, moderate republicans are beginning to recognize that gay marriage isn’t going anywhere. But not everyone’s happy… »7/20/15 1:50pm7/20/15 1:50pm