How to Have a Twitter Meltdown on Gay Marriage

You may have heard that yesterday the Indiana State Senate decided not to consider a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. In this day and age, you might think of this as a victory, but not Indiana State Senator Mike Delph. He just had an epic, but predictable Twitter meltdown over the decision. After the jump … » 2/14/14 5:30pm 2/14/14 5:30pm

First Same Sex Couples Get Married in Hawaii in Sweet Group Ceremony

Early Monday morning, a group of same sex couples were the first to get married in Hawaii in a group wedding celebration. Gay marriage was legalized in the state in November, making Hawaii the 15th such state to do so in the United States. » 12/02/13 9:30am 12/02/13 9:30am

Hawaii Says Aloha (Hello!) to Same-Sex Marriage

The Hawaii Senate gave final legislative approval on Tuesday to a bill extending marriage rights to same-sex couples. Um, are we all having our destination weddings in Hawaii now? Because we're gonna all be all luaus, flower leis, sunning by the pool side, bikinis, sand in crotch, Blue Hawaiians in our hands now, we… » 11/13/13 12:30am 11/13/13 12:30am

NJ High School Sweethearts Finally Get Marriage License After 40 Years

Look, it’s not always easy to be proud of New Jersey. Until Monday, the state had two undisputedly awesome things, really: blueberries and saltwater taffy (and saltwater taffy isn’t really that awesome). Maybe Bruce Springsteen, depending on your tolerance for another generation’s music icon. Thanks to Superior Court… » 10/25/13 10:00am 10/25/13 10:00am

Court Rules Bigot Jagoffs Can't Refuse to Photograph Gay Weddings

First, apologies for the double negative in the headline about this positive development: the Supreme Court of New Mexico has ruled that a photography business can't refuse to photograph a same-sex wedding on the grounds that the photographers find same sex marriage so, so, so gross. To paraphrase the ruling: the… » 8/23/13 2:40pm 8/23/13 2:40pm

America Suddenly Being Remarkably Cool to Gay People

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry announced that effective immediately, visa applicants who are married to a person of the same sex will be treated exactly the same as those in heterosexual marriages. And yesterday, the Senate approved several openly gay nominees to various posts with no debate or opposition. It's… » 8/02/13 5:30pm 8/02/13 5:30pm

The First Gay Couples Who Got Married in Minnesota Will Make You Smile

Even if you've got the cold, bitter heart of someone ruined by years of endless OKCupid dates, photos of gay people getting married always make quick work at melting those icy walls away. Case in point: looking at the many couples that stayed up overnight to be the first to get married in Minnesota, where gay marriage… » 8/01/13 10:25am 8/01/13 10:25am