Compassionate Mitt Romney Thinks Gay Parents Aren't Real Parents

You guys, I'm about to tell you something shocking that I doubt anyone saw coming: Mitt Romney — smiling, gazing longingly at people, wincing and blinking, skin tanned by the bright orange Jergens sun, hair shellacked to look like a baby Ronald Reagan, hugger of babies, loving America so much he lets it be the little… »10/26/12 2:00pm10/26/12 2:00pm

America's Most Evil Governor Asks Supreme Court to Take Health Care Away from Gays

In a country packed from sea to shining sea with crappy governors doing nutty local things like betting bales of meat that their local team will beat another governor's team in a sporting event that will lead to mild rioting on both sides, a few idiot statesmen really stand out. Among them is Arizona's Jan Brewer, the… »7/09/12 5:10pm7/09/12 5:10pm

Worst Governor Ever Stripped Same Sex Couples of Right to Visit Each Other in the Hospital

You may remember Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker from his cowardly and sneaky women's rights stripping last week. But did you know that before he was limiting sex ed and repealing pay equity laws, he was rolling back laws that gave same sex couples the right to visit each other in the hospital? What could this move… »4/09/12 7:45pm4/09/12 7:45pm