New UN Ambassador Interviewed About 'Diplomacy, Diapers'

Samantha Power, the new United States Ambassador to the United Nations, is the youngest person to ever hold that position. And while she's written a Pulitzer-prize winning book about genocide, the Today Show description of an exclusive interview with Power reads "balancing diplomacy, diapers." Get it? She has kids. »10/03/13 12:50pm10/03/13 12:50pm

John McCain's Speeches Suck; Samantha Power Is The Comeback Kid

This was one of those days where, a little hungover, I totally wanted to talk about important stuff like the teenage stripper or how the crappy Mark Penn might have finally done something that Hillary will be forced to fire him over or even racism in Pennsylvania, but Moe was away and I was all like, oh, dammit, I… »4/04/08 10:00am4/04/08 10:00am

Stephen Colbert To Samantha Power: "I'm Willing To Say That John McCain Is A Minotaur"

Stephen Colbert celebrated St. Paddy's Day yesterday with quite the Celtic coup: an in-studio appearance by Samantha Power, the Ireland-born former Obama foreign policy adviser, Jezecrush and apparent victim of foot-in-mouth disease. (As you'll remember, Power famously - and not necessarily unfairly — called Hillary… »3/18/08 12:30pm3/18/08 12:30pm