Ready-For-Prime-Time Fashion At The TV Land Awards

Yes, the TV Land Awards have been going on for 9 years already. And the attendees are old hands.
» 4/11/11 10:20am 4/11/11 10:20am

Cloris Leachman, as usual, goes slightly psychedelic. Jane Leeves, in 60s-inflected fish-scales. Christine Ebersole channels Big Edie, pre-raccoons. Raven-Symone may not want to sit down. Flame hues were big.…

Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift Have Reunited

Model Posse Is Formidable, Smize-y

[Sydney, August 3. Models Samantha Harris, Abbey-Lee Kershaw, Nicole Trunfio, Catherine McNeil and Alexandra Agoston pretend they're Fox Force Five on the catwalk at the David Jones Spring/Summer 2010 Season Launch. Image via Getty] » 8/03/10 3:22pm 8/03/10 3:22pm

SJP Says Carrie Makes Her "Bolder"; Louboutin Realizes His Shoes Are…

Cruz & Kruger Corral Campaigns; Anarchists Attack American Apparel

Madonna Helps Jesus Get Record Deal; Yoanna House Talks About New Look

At Hollywood Style Awards, "Style" In Sneer Quotes

Morning, friends! Welcome to another glorious week and another baffling edition of The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly, where we answer the question: just how bad were the clothes at Hollywood Life's 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards? » 10/12/09 10:30am 10/12/09 10:30am

Fun & Fugly Fashions Were On Display At The Lisa Kline Store In L.A.

Party-loving publicist Jonathan Cheban launched his Kritik clothing line at the celeb-friendly Lisa Kline store in Los Angeles last night, and Spring was in the air! How could you tell? For starters, the red carpet was pink. And the Hollywood ladies rocked their little dresses (or shorts) with huge smiles on their… » 4/11/08 11:30am 4/11/08 11:30am

When Stars Go Green, Fashion Suffers

The hoopla surrounding this Sunday's Academy Awards has officially begun! Last night's Oscars Pre-Party, held by environmental nonprofit Global Green USA, saw a slew of celebs who obviously had the environment, not style, on their minds (Not that that's a bad thing.) Case in point: Molly Sims. And while very pregnant… » 2/21/08 10:30am 2/21/08 10:30am

Fashion Fails At Fendi

Last night marked the opening of the newly remodeled Fendi store in Beverly Hills. Which means some celebs turned up wearing Fendi to have their picture taken and probably bitch about how this event wasn't half as much fun as throwing down at the Great Wall of China. But alas, the majority of the fashions on display… » 2/14/08 1:30pm 2/14/08 1:30pm

Hannah Montana's Best Of Both Worlds Concert: The Worst Of All Fashions

Last night's Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds concert in Hollywood featured a proper red carpet... And crappy red carpet fashion. Hannah Montana, in case you've been living under a rock, is the Disney Channel-conceived alter-ego of Miley Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray "Achy Breaky Heart" Cyrus, and tween girl idol.… » 1/18/08 10:00am 1/18/08 10:00am