Fifty Shades Director Says 'No' to Next Installment, Is Done 

Fifty Shades of Grey Director Sam Taylor-Johnson told Deadline she will not be returning to direct the sequel. We previously reported Taylor-Johnson and Fifty Shades author E.L. James sparred a bit over the film's artistic vision, and it's unclear how much their beef impacted this decision. » 3/25/15 11:15pm 3/25/15 11:15pm

Sam Taylor-Johnson Might Be Trying to Skip the Fifty Shades Sequels

Fifty Shades of Grey might have made over $80 million dollars at the box office its opening weekend, and caused groups of grown women to laugh for over two hours, but those involved in its creation still aren't happy: reports indicate that director Sam Taylor-Johnson is either trying to get out of doing the sequels or… » 2/17/15 9:50am 2/17/15 9:50am

Kate Middleton's Birth Announcement Will Be Revealed via Royal Easel

The first post-birth update about Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal Spawn will be delivered via easel to Buckingham Palace, according to The Telegraph: "The first indication that the Duchess has given birth will come when an aide leaves the hospital carrying a piece of paper with details of the baby’s sex,… » 6/20/13 9:00am 6/20/13 9:00am