New Nail Salon for Men Is the Manliest Place on Earth

As everyone who has ever seen a television commercial knows, one does not simply use a gendered product that's been assigned to the other gender. One must wait until a marketing team devises a gender-appropriate version, and then rush out and throw money at it. This is why we have steak houses for women and why we… »10/25/13 2:20pm10/25/13 2:20pm

New 'Get Laid Haircut' Fixes Everything Wrong With You

Ladies: things are wrong. Things are wrong with me, and they're wrong with you. Other (perfect) people don't have things wrong, but we do, you and me. And if we fix the things that are wrong by purchasing products and services, the wrongness will sort of drift away and we'll garner the admiration we so crave — or at… »10/17/13 11:25am10/17/13 11:25am

Why is This Salon Offering Massive Discounts on Waxing Services to Girls under Fifteen?

How soon is too soon to wax your daughter's bikini line/eyebrows/upper lip/other not totally hairless body parts? We've discussed the issue on the site multiple times over the past few years, but we still haven't come up with a solid answer because it's different for everyone. For example, when I was in 8th grade, I… »7/05/12 2:30pm7/05/12 2:30pm