Former Peanut Butter Exec Sentenced 28 Years for Salmonella Outbreak 

Stewart Parnell, former CEO of Peanut Corporation of America, has been sentenced to 28 years for knowingly allowing salmonella-contaminated peanut butter to be shipped out, resulting in nine deaths and over 700 people sick. Parnell was convicted last September on a total of 71 criminal charges, including conspiracy,… »9/21/15 9:45pm9/21/15 9:45pm


The Government Shutdown Is Endangering What We Eat

Thanks to the furlough, all routine inspections of domestic food production (except for meat and poultry products) have stopped — and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is operating with a skeleton staff, was ill-equipped to deal with a recent salmonella outbreak that made hundreds of people sick… »10/10/13 11:50am10/10/13 11:50am