Tareq Salahi's Dog Dies, Causing Him To "Lose Two Bitches In One Week"

Ugh. The bad news: Tareq Salahi and suddenly-estranged wife Michaele Salahi (née Michelle Ann Holt, nickname: "Missy") refuse to go away. The good news: They're having a run of bad luck. We would never wish ill upon strangers, but karma is a boomerang, is it not? So when you spew half-truths and lies, get all dolled up… » 9/19/11 4:45pm 9/19/11 4:45pm

Repent, And Salahi No More: Celebrity Names That Should Be Verbs

Wall Street Journal writer Mark Helprin says those "strange pinheads," Tarek and Michaele Salahi, deserve their own verb. He also lists some other famous people whose names have entered the common lexicon — but we can think of more. » 12/18/09 12:40pm 12/18/09 12:40pm