Marigay McKee Out at Saks After Just 15 Months

Marigay McKee is stepping down as president of Saks after a little over a year in what appears to be a surprise shake-up at the company. She will be replaced by Marc Metrick, a well-liked executive vice president and chief administrative officer of the Hudson’s Bay Co. According to WWD, the problem involved McKee’s… » 4/03/15 11:50am 4/03/15 11:50am

Saks Employees Busted Stealing Customers' Credit Card Numbers

Chicest identity theft ever: The cops say they've broken up a ring of Saks Fifth Avenue employees who were allegedly colluding to steal customers' financial information, buy heaps of accessories and flip them on the black market. Their haul, according to the authorities? $400,000 worth of swag. » 10/06/14 2:40pm 10/06/14 2:40pm

The Dazzling Design Disaster That Is Fashion Star

In the first four minutes alone, Fashion Star, which premiered last night on NBC, proved to be an overproduced mess, with cheering, dancing, strobe lights, quick cuts, weird camera angles, throbbing music, pyrotechnics and forced applause. Not to mention shilling Elle McPherson's lingerie, like an infomercial. There… » 3/14/12 6:15pm 3/14/12 6:15pm

Watch A Terrifying Mob Of Shoe-Crazed Women Lose Their Shit At Saks

For many the holidays are about spending time with family and reflecting on the coming new year, but for others they're about elbowing people out of the way so they can buy more stuff. On Monday, the day when rabid bargain hunters took to stores in search of post-holiday sales, the traditionally upscale and even… » 12/28/11 10:55am 12/28/11 10:55am