Rihanna's Rumored Topshop Line

  • Rihanna had dinner with Topshop founder Philip Green and Simon Cowell. Because Green and Cowell run an entertainment company that produces television and fashion ventures, the tabloid seers are pretty sure that means Rihanna's getting a clothing line. [Daily Mail]
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Naomi Opens Up To Oprah; "Cougars" Drive Sales Of Lingerie

Madonna Fronts For D&G; Grace Coddington Discusses Lady Gaga's Pubic Hair

  • Madonna goes all Italian neorealist for spring's Dolce & Gabbana campaign. You'd almost swear these images were by Vittorio de Sica, not Steven Klein. The advertising shots ran as editorial content "previewed" in Italian Vanity Fair. [Swide]
  • » 12/16/09 11:30am 12/16/09 11:30am

Ruby Slipper Party: Celebrities, Booze & Shoes, Oh My

Fashion week officially starts today, but it kicked off last night with an event at Saks: To celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz » 9/05/08 3:00pm 9/05/08 3:00pm, various designers created Swarovksi-crystal encrusted shoes the Ruby Slippers. The heels are on display in the windows and on the shoe floor in the store; later they'll be…

Christian Siriano Aims To Make Expectant Moms Fierce In Fashion

  • In weird/amazing news: Christian Siriano is doing a maternity line. "Siriano teamed up with his two friends Marta Abrams and Elise Rosemarin, founders of Moody Mamas maternity clothes, to create a collection called Fierce for Moody Mamas by Christian Siriano." Apparently he liked the idea of a gay man doing maternity - …
» 8/18/08 11:00am 8/18/08 11:00am

Christina Aguilera: If You Are Going To Shill Overpriced Jewelry, Do…

  • OMG Christina Aguilera looks so pretty in these Hitchcock-inspired Stephen Webster ads! It's like, we finally see what Christina Aguilera has been going for all these years with this excessive bombshell crap — and it is good. The wonders of Photoshop, folks! [Sassybella]
  • Contrary to the rumors being reported like
» 3/06/08 11:30am 3/06/08 11:30am

Will Your Semitism (Or Lack Thereof) Impact Your Barneys Shopping?

So now that Barneys New York is owned by a Dubai-based investment firm, some (er, Lauren Goldstein Crowe of Portfolio's 'Fashion, Inc'. blog) are convinced that luxury-minded Jews are going to take their business to other luxury department stores because no way in hell will they fund something owned by, you know, Arabs » 6/25/07 12:48pm 6/25/07 12:48pm

Who's That (Former Spice) Girl? A Vague Visit With Victoria Beckham…

We wish the following statement weren't true: Some of us are fascinated by the fascination with Victoria Beckham. Don't get us wrong, she was always our favorite Spice Girl (she was the only one who seemed to get how funny it all was, she couldn't really sing, she wasn't even necessarily conventionally pretty, but she… » 6/15/07 1:36pm 6/15/07 1:36pm