The Royal Yacht Squadron Circle Jerk Admits It Can’t Be Sexist Anymore

Yet another Conservative Institution for Well-Mannered Gamesmen has changed its policy about being a club exclusively for he man woman haters: the UK’s Royal Yacht Squadron (don’t the British just have the most adorable sense of whimsy?) decided last week to start admitting women, if only because 21st-century sexism… » 8/11/13 1:00pm 8/11/13 1:00pm

Today in Youth Who Make Us Feel Lazy: 16-Year-Old Girl Sails Around the World by Herself

Raise your hand if your biggest accomplishment this weekend was making it out of bed in time to meet your friends for brunch. Actually, it doesn't even matter if you ran a freaking marathon today, you're still probably not as impressive as 16-year-old Laura Dekker—who sailed into St. Maarten harbor yesterday after… » 1/22/12 8:45pm 1/22/12 8:45pm