Arizona Safeway Deems Jessica Simpson's Pregnant Belly Too Lewd to Be Seen [UPDATED]

An alert tipster spotted this homemade device at a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona. It's blocking what was apparently determined to be a scandalous Elle cover featuring the very pregnant body of Jessica Simpson. The tipster reports that it's been there for a week; so it is certainly intentional, as the charming… »3/21/12 11:55pm3/21/12 11:55pm


Meeting Strangers At Bars: Relic Of The Past Or Wave Of The Future?

The Observer's Nicole Brydson recently attempted a social experiment. She went to a bar. On a Saturday night. Alone! To see if she could strike up a friendship or maybe even a fling. She even wore a frilly dress! "While advising me about my love life, my mother always likes to tell stories about her youthful evenings… »5/15/08 4:30pm5/15/08 4:30pm