Woman Wants Out of Her Slave/Master Marriage

After signing an explicit agreement that she would become her husband's "slave," a saleswoman in Padua is suing for divorce, claiming that her partner physically abused her during their marriage and that he's stalked her since their split. Insert your obligatory Fifty Shades life imitates art imitates porn imitates a… » 8/31/12 10:00am 8/31/12 10:00am

"But Now I've Had Enough. I Don't Want Turkey Anymore. I'm Full."

WHAM BAM. See that? It's today's New York Post. Are we there yet? Are you still reading? Hellooo, SinisterRouge? I bet you'd like to know what story led the paper, since Obama's HUUUUUGE WIN in yesterday's Beltway Belt primary was positioned bottom-right. So I'll tell you: it was a story called "Truth hurts: My secret… » 2/13/08 10:00am 2/13/08 10:00am

Christians Who Spank And The Wives Who Eroti-Blog It

We've heard all about Christian punk rock and Christian diet gurus, Christian theme parks and Christian joke rap, but we are eternally indebted to Salon for introducing us to the nascent (and quite possibly not really real) movement that is Christian sadomasochism, also known as "Christian Domestic Discipline." Salon,… » 8/23/07 5:00pm 8/23/07 5:00pm