Love Is Dead: Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton Are Splitting Up

We've said it before once or twice, but this time we mean it: Love. Is. Fucking. Dead. After 13 years of unwedded bliss and admirable mutual eccentricity, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter have split up. A rep for the couple tells People magazine the two "separated amicably earlier this year." This isn't about us,… » 12/23/14 3:40pm 12/23/14 3:40pm

Shopping Makes You Happy. It's Science.

Look, we all know that there are some inherent evils in materialism and consumerism. And when it comes to women, corporations, advertisers, marketers, ladymags and small businesses twist themselves into pretzels trying to get us to spend money we don't "need" to spend. But let's face it: Shopping feels good. It's… » 1/27/14 7:00pm 1/27/14 7:00pm

Goodbye, Enlightened

Enlightened, the HBO show about Amy Jellicoe, an aspiring agent of change, ended its second tremendous season with Jellicoe royally fucking with the status quo of corporate America. Her radical whistleblowing — while sometimes a world-class annoyance — made her a hero to beleaguered employees and social justice… » 3/20/13 1:25pm 3/20/13 1:25pm

Your Morning Cry: Sesame Street Teaches Kids How to Deal with Loss

Here's the cast teaching Big Bird what death means, and it'll break your heart about fifty times in one viewing. I'm not sure what's the best way to talk to kids about death, but this seems like a pretty good start. » 12/17/12 9:30am 12/17/12 9:30am

The Real Reason We Love to Watch Tearjerkers

We all know the value of an evening spent in, drinking wine and watching a tragic movie that makes our tears flow freely. As sad as those movies are, we seem to crave them and whatever magic they perform on our souls, and now science has figured out why that might be. It turns out watching tragic stories unfold, while… » 3/27/12 4:20pm 3/27/12 4:20pm

Brave Scientists Record and Study Kids Losing Their Shit

A team of scientists have spent the last several months studying the moments in a parent's life that seem like they last an eternity— children's temper tantrums. And they found there's a lot more to the angry screaming and flailing and hysterical "I HATE YOU"s than meets the eye. » 12/05/11 7:10pm 12/05/11 7:10pm

The Scientifically Proven Saddest Movie Scene Ever

Have you enjoyed your daily cry yet today? If you're not in the mood for an emotional roller coaster right now, it's probably best to avoid this heart-wrenching scene from 1979's The Champ at all costs. The movie is a remake of a 1931 Oscar-winning film of the same name, telling the story of a washed-up boxer (Jon… » 7/27/11 3:10pm 7/27/11 3:10pm

Baseball Reveals Women Get Sad, Men Get Angry

A new study suggests that people think anger is for dudes and sadness is for ladies — so much so that they sometimes think a sad person is a lady, even if that person's gender isn't apparent. » 3/07/11 1:02pm 3/07/11 1:02pm

Facebook Will Make You Feel Like A Loser

You know when you go on Facebook and all your friends are going to a million parties every second with people who are more awesome than you? Scientists say that's an illusion — but it can still make you sad. » 1/27/11 2:26pm 1/27/11 2:26pm

Cure For Male Depression: "Women Need To Lower Their Expectations"

Writing in the Daily Mail, Tim Lott claims male depression is often caused by unhappy women. Amid the lady-blame, though, are some serious thoughts on men's problems. » 5/05/10 2:20pm 5/05/10 2:20pm

President Obama: Team Pie

From the Associated Press: "Presidents have had their indulgences - Ronald Reagan loved jellybeans and Bill Clinton binged at McDonald's. What's President Barack Obama's weak spot? Pie." Oh, the heart, how it breaks! What about the Yes We Cakes? [Yahoo] » 4/24/10 11:30am 4/24/10 11:30am

Actress Dixie Carter Dies At 70

Actress Dixie Carter, who is perhaps best known for her role as Julia Sugarbaker on the sitcom Designing Women, has passed away at the age of 70. As a tribute, here is one of her greatest speeches. [BroadwayWorld] » 4/10/10 9:59pm 4/10/10 9:59pm

Poet Lucille Clifton Dies At 73

National Book Award-winning poet Lucille Clifton has died at the age of 73. Says her sister: "Everything touched her. Everyone mattered to her. She was such a loving person." Here, Clifton reads her poem, "Homage To My Hips." [BuffaloNews] » 2/13/10 7:10pm 2/13/10 7:10pm

When Will The United States Tighten Up Its Sex Offender Registry?

In 2001, James Leggs was convicted of the rape of a minor and deemed a "high risk" sex offender by the state of Delaware. Eight years later, he's now suspected of kidnapping and killing 11-year-old Sarah Foxwell just last week. » 12/27/09 12:30pm 12/27/09 12:30pm

Jake Gyllenhaal And Reese Witherspoon Call It Quits

Sadness: according to People, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon, who began dating in 2007 after working together on the film Rendition, have split, which means we may very well have a celebrity "turkey drop" on our hands, people. » 11/29/09 3:30pm 11/29/09 3:30pm

Morrissey Collapses On Stage, Is Taken To Hospital

Morrissey has reportedly been taken to a local hospital after collapsing on stage during a performance tonight at The Oasis in Swindon, England. According to The Telegraph, his current condition is listed as "stable." [ONTD], [Telegraph] » 10/24/09 6:25pm 10/24/09 6:25pm

"Mermaid Girl" Shiloh Pepin Dies At Age 10

Sad news: 10-year-old Shiloh Pepin, who appeared on Oprah last month, to discuss her struggles with sirenomelia, perhaps better known as "mermaid syndrome," passed away yesterday afternoon after spending a week in critical condition at the Maine Medical Center. [SanFranciscoChronicle] » 10/24/09 1:55pm 10/24/09 1:55pm

R.I.P. Norma Fox Mazer

Sad news: Norma Fox Mazer, the author of several critically acclaimed books for children and young adults, including When She Was Good, Silver, and Newbery Honor Book After The Rain, has died at the age of 78. [PublishersWeekly] » 10/19/09 1:40pm 10/19/09 1:40pm