Student Known for "Laser Cat" Yearbook Photo Committed Suicide 

Today in very sad news: Schenectady High school senior Draven Rodriguez, known for his wonderful "laser cat" yearbook portrait, has committed suicide. » 2/21/15 12:00pm 2/21/15 12:00pm

Aretha Franklin Diagnosed With Cancer

Friends of Aretha Franklin say the singer, who had surgery last week, is suffering from cancer. The Enquirer says it's "incurable pancreatic cancer," but that's unconfirmed. For now, friends say Aretha's doing "okay." » 12/08/10 2:30pm 12/08/10 2:30pm

Autopsy Results Rule Out Murder In Death Of Daul Kim

According to "sources close to the investigation," the autopsy findings rule out the possibility that model Daul Kim could have been murdered. This news may help quiet speculation that Kim was killed by an abusive boyfriend. [AP] » 11/25/09 2:30pm 11/25/09 2:30pm

Tara Subkoff Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

Sad news: The 36-year-old Imitation of Christ designer has a brain tumor and requires delicate surgery. She can't work while she recovers, so friends have rallied to organize a benefit; details here. [The Cut] » 7/06/09 12:20pm 7/06/09 12:20pm