Jilted Bride's Family Hosts Wedding Feast for the Homeless

A week before Quinn Duane’s wedding day, her fiancé decided to call the whole thing off, leaving Duane’s family with an empty banquet hall, a boatload of decorations, and enough food to feed over 100 people. So, what to do? The food was already paid for; the canceled wedding was still going to cost the Duanes $35,000.… »10/19/15 12:05pm10/19/15 12:05pm


"I'm A Grown-Up Now": The Teen Who Accused Kevin Johnson Of Sexual Abuse Speaks Out

There is a photograph of a pile of pink and white paper hearts atop Mandi Koba’s Facebook page. She cut the hearts out of hard copies of a 1996 police report from Phoenix, Ariz. The cops, according to the vintage report used in the arts and crafts project, were investigating “a celebrity involved in a reported child… »9/25/15 9:21am9/25/15 9:21am

Massive Easter Egg Hunt Descends Into Madness, Ends in All-Out Brawl

File Easter egg hunts under “things that parents ruin for everyone.” A massive egg search in Sacramento was supposed to break a world record for “the world’s largest Easter egg hunt” but the only award the event is winning is one in embarrassment and regret. And the record for crying toddlers whose fun was ruined by… »4/06/15 3:50pm4/06/15 3:50pm

17-Year-Old Rape Victim Is Released After Being Forced to Spend 25 Days in Jail

Good news: the justice system in Sacramento has finally done something good for the teenaged rape victim who was being held in a juvenile detention facility to ensure she would be in court to testify against her alleged attacker. You may remember that she was held after she failed to show up to two previous court… »4/18/12 11:15pm4/18/12 11:15pm