Kate Middleton's Uterus Is Making Camilla Parker Bowles an Alcoholic

Some ludicrous story in the Globe says that the bright, sparkling English promise that is Kate Middleton's possibly-occupied womb has sent Camilla Parker Bowles straight to the bottle; she was reportedly sent to dry up in a 7-day detox retreat in Bangalore, India. Camilla and Prince Charles (the latter who has… »11/30/12 9:00am11/30/12 9:00am

Rihanna’s Family Gives Her and Chris Brown Their Blessing

We've heard and been subsequently bored by Rihanna and Chris Brown's allegedly coincidental run-ins at various clubs in recent weeks, but it might raise an eyebrow of interest to learn that her family seem to have happily signed off on their renewed relationship. Heading on over to 40/40 to catch the Miami Heat game… »6/13/12 9:00am6/13/12 9:00am

My Cherie Amour, A Stevie Wonder Novel By V.C. Andrews™

A man named Alpha Lorenzo Walker and his conspirator Tamara Eileen Diaz were arrested earlier this month for trying to extort Stevie Wonder and were the subject of myriad tired late-night show monologue jokes for fucking up what you'd imagine for obvious offensive-punchline-type reasons would literally be the easiest… »5/12/12 11:30am5/12/12 11:30am

The Dictator Says 'Mitchell Romney' Could Make a Great Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen's new trolling project The Dictator is about to hit theaters, and the British comedian is in full in-character promo mode. During a press conference yesterday, a reporter asked him who he'd support in the US Presidential elections, and "General Shabazz Aladeen" responded that he'd put his money on… »5/08/12 3:10pm5/08/12 3:10pm

Sacha Baron Cohen Receives Go-Ahead to Fuck with Celebs at Oscars (Kind Of)

When Academy Awards officials told Sacha Baron Cohen that he was only welcome on the red carpet if he behaved like a nominee for Hugo, not like Admiral General Aladeen, the fictional fascist he plays in his upcoming movie, The Dictator, how many of us actually believed Cohen would listen, especially after he filmed a… »2/25/12 11:04am2/25/12 11:04am

Octavia Spencer Plans to Celebrate Oscar Nom With a Brand-New Rack

This awards season has been all about The Help, but for the cast it's been all about, well, their boobs. First Viola Davis wowed us with her impressive display of cleavage at the NAACP Image Awards, then discussed how it was all a delightful accident, and now Octavia Spencer is getting in on the action. While most… »2/23/12 9:00am2/23/12 9:00am