Ryan Gosling Might Stop Making Movies Now that He's Making Babies

Someone dug up a quote from Ryan Gosling from 2011 in which he stated that he's only making movies until he starts "making babies." So, now that Eva Mendes is pretty much probably mostly almost totally confirmed to be preggo, does that mean the Goz's film career is winding down? (I mean, no. Almost certainly not.… » 7/10/14 8:00pm 7/10/14 8:00pm

This Week in Tabloids: Kate Middleton Is Pregnant and Anorexic

Welcome back to Midweek Madness, in which in which we peer through the looking glass into the pages of Star, Us Weekly, OK!, Life & Style and InTouch. This week: an "expert" who has never seen Kate Middleton in person diagnoses her with an eating disorder; Brad and Angie almost ran into Jennifer Aniston at a… » 7/09/14 4:00pm 7/09/14 4:00pm

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Hated Each Other on the Notebook Set

In a new interview, Notebook director Nick Cassavetes revealed that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams's relationship during filming wasn't quite as cozy as their characters (or their later 2-year romance). In fact, they fucking hated each other, to the point where Gosling once asked for McAdams to be removed from the… » 7/02/14 8:00pm 7/02/14 8:00pm

This Week in Tabloids: Beyoncé and Jay Z's Marriage Is in Crisis

Welcome back to Midweek Madness, in which Callie Beusman assists as we attempt to shine a light into the filthy, dark crevices of In Touch, Ok!, Life & Style, Us and Star. This week: Jennifer Aniston's haircut sends a secret message; Noah and Allie from The Notebook might be back on; and Bey and Jay have serious… » 11/13/13 3:05pm 11/13/13 3:05pm

Aussie Cop Is a Ryan Gosling Lookalike Who Can't Keep the Ladies Off

By day, Grant Hazell is just a regular hard-working cop and father of two whose name sounds like a failed stage actor just kicking off his porn career. By other parts of the day, he's Grant Hazell, Ryan Gosling Doppelganger. It seems when Hazell is not walking his beat keeping the good people and koala bears of… » 11/11/13 12:00pm 11/11/13 12:00pm