Rwandans Observe 20th Anniversary of the Start of the Rwandan Genocide

KIGALI, RWANDA - APRIL 05: Dressed in traditional gowns, women line up before marching to commemorate the genocide of 1994 at the Kicukiro College of Technology football pitch April 5, 2014 in Kigali, Rwanda. On April 11, 1994, Belgian paratroopersm, who were part of the UNAMIR mission, were ordered to leave the… » 4/06/14 1:45pm 4/06/14 1:45pm

Charity Gives People In Haiti These Awesome All-Terrain Wheelchairs

Last night at a premiere party for a movie — The Way, although I saw neither (star) Martin Sheen nor (director) Emilio Estevez and therefore didn't get to pester them with questions about Catholicism or Steve Jobs or whatever — I met a lady who runs a pretty cool charity. » 10/06/11 6:00pm 10/06/11 6:00pm

Former Rwandan Women's Minister Convicted Of Genocide

As minister for women and family affairs in Rwanda, Pauline Nyiramasuhuko ordered the rape of women and girls and participated in genocide. She's the first woman to be convicted by the United Nations tribunal, seventeen years after the horrific events in Rwanda. » 6/24/11 10:30am 6/24/11 10:30am

Text Messages Are Saving Pregnant Women's Lives

A joint UN initiative equipping pregnant women and health care workers in Rwanda with mobile phones has led one hospital to see maternal deaths decline. They went from ten the previous year — to zero. » 1/12/11 6:15pm 1/12/11 6:15pm

Banana-Based Pad Maker Elizabeth Scharpf Wants Rwandan Women Educated.…

Elizabeth Scharpf, founder of Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE), is partnering with networks of women in Rwanda to make and sell sanitary pads made from banana leaves. » 9/30/10 5:04pm 9/30/10 5:04pm

Sexual Assault In Congo: Activists Speak Out

Lisa Shannon became an activist in Africa after watching a moving episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Alice Walker has played a key part in the feminist movement for years. Recently, they shared their thoughts on rape in the Congo. » 4/08/10 6:20pm 4/08/10 6:20pm

Obama Jeanswear: Denim With The (Unofficial) Presidential Seal Of…

Meet Obama Jeanswear, Rwanda's denim tribute to the POTUS. Says Racked, "We love how Obama Jeanswear creatively re-interprets the seal of the United States into something a little more imperial, flanking a shield with griffins and whatnot." [Racked] » 3/31/10 3:30pm 3/31/10 3:30pm

Archeologists Find 16th Century Golden Girl • Female Ski Jumpers Lose…

• French experts believe Diane de Poitiers, mistress of 16th-century king, Henry II, was killed by her desire to stay youthful. Forensic experts found evidence of chronic gold intoxication - meaning she probably drank gold in attempts to stay pretty. » 12/22/09 6:30pm 12/22/09 6:30pm


"Intended Consequences: Rwandan Children Born of Rape" combines portraits of women raped during Rwanda's 1994 genocide - often repudiated as a result of the children that resulted- and harrowing first-person accounts. [Aperture Foundation] » 3/06/09 3:40pm 3/06/09 3:40pm

Ashley Judd Is Not Just Another Tinseltown Disaster Tourist

Newsweek » 10/31/08 12:20pm 10/31/08 12:20pm writer Christopher Dickey Ashley Judd, who visited eastern Congo about six months ago with , and witnessed the tens of thousands of refugees there. "Goma," says Judd, "is a shithole." Writes Dickey, "the description is perfectly accurate." There are no paved roads, there are giant potholes, there's rubble…
Last month Rwanda's parliament became the first in the world where women have a majority, with 56 percent of the seats held by women. As the country rebuilt after the 1994 genocide in which 800,000 people were killed and many women were systematically raped, President Paul Kagame enforced policies to help women… » 10/27/08 6:20pm 10/27/08 6:20pm

Women Will Rule The World… Eventually

On the heels of the news that a woman could be the next » 9/19/08 1:30pm 9/19/08 1:30pm Israeli Prime Minister, a by the United Nations Development Fund for Women claims that women have entered politics in greater numbers than ever in the past decade. The reports that women account for 18.4% of parliament members worldwide. The good news is that…

Bette Davis Gets Stamp'd • Rwanda Women Dominate The Parliament

• A 42-cent commemorative stamp » 9/17/08 5:30pm 9/17/08 5:30pm will be released tomorrow in Boston featuring a portrait of real-life and fictional , Bette Davis. Think the mail her stamps are on will have a bumpy ride? • According the preliminary election results, Rwanda will be the first country where ; females have taken 44 of the 80 seats. •…

Ivory Towers

In the past year, poachers in Congo have killed a fifth » 8/22/08 4:50pm 8/22/08 4:50pm of the Savannah elephants in Virguna National Park. In the past ten days alone, Rwandan rebels have killed seven of the elephants in Virunga, along Congo's eastern border with Rwanda and Uganda."We've definitely lost 20 percent of the population this year and…
We want to dislike Cindy McCain, we really do. She was probably one of those perpetuperky cheerleader types as a kid, and, as an adult, she's the wife of the guy we don't want to see elected because of, among other things, his stance on women's rights. But then she's all playing with the cute kids from Operation Smile » 7/28/08 5:20pm 7/28/08 5:20pm

Foreign Affairs

The Miss Nyampinga beauty contest, in which students from Rwandan universities and colleges compete, presents a unique challenge in a country ripped apart by genocide. There is tension over defining beauty in Rwanda, reports The Christian Science Monitor. During the 1994 genocide, "the first fact was to see the nose… » 7/18/08 12:45pm 7/18/08 12:45pm

Women Are The Economic Backbone Of The New Rwanda

Those Rwandan women who are employed making "peace baskets" for Macy's — a job that helps them to repair the fissures of the ethnic civil war that saw the deaths of some 800,000 people fourteen years ago? They are part of a wave of women helping to lift Rwanda out of the poverty caused by the Hutu/Tutsi conflict. Not… » 5/16/08 9:30am 5/16/08 9:30am

Justine Henin Retires • Basket-Weaving Brings Women Together

Justine Henin, the # 1-ranked tennis player in the world, is retiring at 25. The battling Belgian is going out on top! • In other sports news, Kashmiri girls are beginning to play soccer more and more. An under-19 tournament will be held in Kargil next month. • A new study has shown that obese adults are twice as… » 5/15/08 5:30pm 5/15/08 5:30pm

Pregnant Women In Poverty Often Die Needlessly

Reading depressing statistics can be numbing. Your eyes glaze over, you feel paralyzed with woe, and yet how else can one convey the details of a global crisis? So here goes: Worldwide, 500,000 women die in childbirth every year; more than 90 percent live in Africa or Asia, and almost all are poor, according to The… » 5/12/08 1:30pm 5/12/08 1:30pm

Paris Hilton Will Tour Rwanda To...Shoot A Reality Show, Newsweek

Where the fuck has Paris Hilton been all these Britney-crazed days? Now we know! This week's Newsweek tracks down the star in her undisclosed location and reveals she is in hiding after experiencing a crisis of conscience in jail. "When I had time to reflect, I felt empty inside," she says. So she cut her hair! And… » 10/15/07 11:00am 10/15/07 11:00am