Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Know About "Sex Bark"

In the latest post at her really helpful and down-to-earth lifestyle site GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow suggested that we all make sex bark. What is sex bark? According to GOOP it's "a quick and potent chocolate recipe perfect for a sweet bite after a romantic dinner." For getting your Valentine's Day sexy on, duh. What… » 1/25/15 10:45am 1/25/15 10:45am

Dominic West Is Pretty Sure That Was Idris Elba's Penis in That Photo

Dominic West is just as curious about Idris Elba’s maybe it is, maybe it isn't penis photo as we are. He even talked about it at great length (heh … ) in an interview. Of course Elba says the bump in the photo is just a microphone cord. OK, Idris. » 8/29/14 2:30pm 8/29/14 2:30pm

Elisabeth Moss Looked Great, Simon Cowell Was Wearing Blush

Not only are there International Emmy Awards, but this year marked the 38th iteration thereof! None of which explains the 90s stars, or the weird duds. » 11/23/10 10:37am 11/23/10 10:37am

Keira, Carey Dazzle In London

For those of us who love Ishiguro's novel and find Andrew Garfield handsome, the worldwide premieres of Never Let Me Go are a big deal. And, of course, its female stars always take fashion risks. Especially on home turf... » 10/14/10 10:37am 10/14/10 10:37am