How Delicious!: Ruth Reichl Pens Her First Novel

Although the former New York Times restaurant critic has penned several non-fiction books about her eating adventures, this is her first foray into fiction. » 9/11/13 4:30pm 9/11/13 4:30pm

How Twitter Is Ruining Celebrities

Okay, Jim Carrey was never my favorite, and I'd wager he wasn't yours either. But his Elin-blaming antics on Twitter this weekend confirmed a longtime suspicion I've had: when it comes to the Internet, some people should consider shutting up. » 4/12/10 2:30pm 4/12/10 2:30pm

Magazine Of Good Living

The abrupt, tragic cessation of venerable magazine Gourmet was even harsher than we realized! Says editor Ruth Reichl, "We had actually already made the December issue and it didn't get printed." [Mediaite] » 1/13/10 4:20pm 1/13/10 4:20pm

Cooking School

Ruth Reichl:"There's all this pessimism that people aren't going to cook...I just don't believe that...That people want to spend less time cooking sometimes doesn't negate the fact that people are cooking recreationally in a way they haven't before." [PW] » 8/18/09 6:20pm 8/18/09 6:20pm