Fucking Chill, Says Seth Rogen to American Sniper Tweet Backlash

Following comments associating Clint Eastwood's American Sniper with a Nazi propaganda film featured within Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, actor Seth Rogen has been forced to clarify that, no, he was not comparing the U.S. troops to Nazis. Isn't it great that American Sniper is advancing such intelligent » 1/20/15 10:30am 1/20/15 10:30am

Avril Lavigne: Pray For Me and My Undisclosed Health Issue

Avril Lavigne is suffering from an undisclosed health issue, asking fans to "keep me in your prayers." On December 7, a Twitter fan account, @AvrilMusicChart posted a screenshot of a DM exchange they had with the singer, in which she revealed that she hasn't been in the studio because she's not feeling well: » 12/10/14 10:20am 12/10/14 10:20am

Diddy and Drake's Big Fight Was About a Song

At this weekend's Festival of the Wealthy in Miami aka Art Basel, Diddy and Drake got into a fight that was so bad it sent Drake to the hospital. So what could these two stars possibly have to be so angry at each other about? Women? Money? Which flavor of Life Savers Candies is the best? » 12/09/14 8:05pm 12/09/14 8:05pm

Russell Brand Says He 'Loved' Being Married to 'Amazing' Katy Perry

Russell Brand, a full time Victorian sex ghost and sometimes actor, has a lot of interesting thoughts about a lot of interesting things, including the institution of marriage and his ex-wife Katy Perry. » 10/15/14 10:10am 10/15/14 10:10am

Courtney Love Says Russell Brand Hit on Her but He Smelled 'Too Musky'

Courtney Love shared a very special conversation she once had with Russell Brand. Love says that Brand attempted to intercourse her, but she declined, saying that the actor had a "musky" scent. "Too musky." » 5/09/14 8:00pm 5/09/14 8:00pm

Designer Brags About Fashions Worn at Philip Seymour Hoffman's Funeral

This is fucking gro-o-o-o-o-ooossss! Both Valentino and the UGG corporation have been caught attempting to leverage Philip Seymour Hoffman's celebrity-heavy funeral for brand recognition. » 2/07/14 8:00pm 2/07/14 8:00pm

Understanding Katy Perry's New Album According to Its Tracklist

Katy Perry has released the tracklist for her new album Prism: Through the Prism I Can See It All and It Is Good, also known as just Prism. Since Perry recently said that all her songs are "real-life moments" and that she can "only write autobiographically", these song titles are more than just songs. They are "the… » 10/01/13 12:00pm 10/01/13 12:00pm

Jennifer Aniston Made Justin Theroux Ditch His Beloved STD Memorabilia

Lest we think Justin Theroux is little more than a B-list actor completely devoid of personality, before he got together with the Ol' Ball and Chain Jennifer Aniston, he had a yen for old-timey STD wax figures, he told GQ. » 9/17/13 9:01am 9/17/13 9:01am

Lindsay Lohan 'Wasn't Surprised' by Dina's Drunk Driving Arrest

According to a source VERY VERY CLOSE to Lindsay Lohan (her butt, lol), Lindsay wasn't surprised at all by mom Dina's DUI arrest. Lindsay also thinks that Dina is a "bad influence" and has had limited contact with her since entering rehab. » 9/13/13 8:00pm 9/13/13 8:00pm

Today in Do Not Want: Pix of Justin Bieber Naked With a Guitar

While the last bastion between us and Justin Bieber's ass has been little more than thin cotton boxers for awhile now, it's all over. I have seen Culo del Beebo, and so will you. These photos were taken at Thanksgiving at his grandma's house in Toronto, where he serenaded her, naked, with an acoustic guitar. Because… » 8/12/13 9:00am 8/12/13 9:00am

Russell Brand Thought of 'Anyone' but Katy Perry During Boring Wife-Sex

Surprising no one at all on the entire earth, even baby oysters taking a nap, Russell Brand has lately been hinting that his dissatisfaction with monogamy is what broke up his marriage to Katy Perry. Woebetide wandering penises locked into vaginal monogamy! » 8/05/13 8:00pm 8/05/13 8:00pm

BAMF Mariska Hargitay Filming Documentary About Rape Kit Backlog

I am just gonna say it: The onscreen/offscreen badassness of Mariska Hargitay/Det. Olivia Benson rivals that of Connie Britton/Tami Taylor. Come at me, bro. » 8/05/13 9:00am 8/05/13 9:00am

Here's the Trailer for Paradise, Diablo Cody's Directorial Debut

Starring Julianne Hough, Russell Brand, and Octavia Spencer*, it's a movie about a good girl gone bad(-ish) after surviving a plane crash leads her to question her religion. You see, she's got skin from her butt grafted on her back — and she's pretty fucking pissed about it. » 8/04/13 11:30pm 8/04/13 11:30pm

Mika Brzezinski Is Sorry About That Shitty Russell Brand Interview

Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe is very sorry for the disastrous Russell Brand interview that aired last Monday and subsequently went viral. In the original interview, she and her co-hosts were openly rude to Brand — mocking his accent, being poorly researched and talking about him like he wasn't there — and now,… » 6/24/13 2:00pm 6/24/13 2:00pm

Nigella Lawson Isn't Wearing Her Wedding Ring, Whatever That Means

I don't claim to know (or feel comfortable speculating about) what's going on inside Nigella Lawson's marriage to Charles Saatchi, who was recently photographed violently gripping his wife's throat at a London restaurant. But for those of you fond of jewelry-based detective work, here's this: » 6/20/13 8:35pm 6/20/13 8:35pm

Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC Talk Show Host for Treating Him Like Shit

Comedian Russell Brand was invited to appear on MSNBC's Morning Joe yesterday, ostensibly to talk about his controversial world comedy tour Messiah Complex. » 6/18/13 10:11am 6/18/13 10:11am

Is Lady Gaga Scared of Cameron Diaz 'Stealing' Her Boyfriend? (Um, No)

We are supposed to believe that Lady Gaga is not thrilled that her fiance Taylor Kinney has been getting close to Cameron Diaz on the set of... wait for it... The Other Woman. Way to be on the nose, "reality!" According to a source: » 6/11/13 9:00am 6/11/13 9:00am

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock Plagued By Working Mom Guilt

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock interviewed each other for Parade and it was hella cute. "If we had a beer den, with Barcaloungers—but our version of that—it’d be great." "There'd be fabric swatches everywhere. And reclaimed wood." » 6/07/13 9:00am 6/07/13 9:00am

Rebel Wilson Takes an Adorable Bubble Bath on the Cover of Glamour

Rebel Wilson was photographed in the nyeeeeuuuuuddddd for the cover of Glamour and all of her famous friends said awesome things about it. I love everyone today. » 6/06/13 8:45pm 6/06/13 8:45pm

Gwyneth Paltrow Tsk-Tsked for Shilling Kiddie Bikinis

The British anti-child abuse advocacy group Kidscape is pissed off that Gwyneth Paltrow hawks bikinis for four to eight year-olds in her latest GOOP newsletter. She captioned images of the swimwear, a collaboration with designer Melissa Odabash and exact replica of adult bikinis sold on the site, that it's "great for… » 4/23/13 9:00am 4/23/13 9:00am