Fashion World Enraptured By John Galliano's Dumb New Collection 

Four years after a drug-fueled anti-Semitic rant imploded John Galliano's career—resulting in his firing first from Dior, and later from his eponymous label—the designer has launched a comeback of sorts with an "artisanal" (what) collection for Maison Martin Margiela at the end of London's fall 2015 menswear… » 1/12/15 7:10pm 1/12/15 7:10pm

The 2013 Prabal Gurung Spring Collection: A Pugilistic Overview

According to Vogue's Emily Holt, Prabal Gurung's 2013 spring collection has a lot to do with the looming presidential election, which translated on the runway to a looser fitting clothes that "would liberate women's movements as they go about their day." You know, like help them vote or whatever — I'm not really sure… » 9/09/12 5:30pm 9/09/12 5:30pm

Escaped Puppy Runs on to Runway and Causes Cutest Airport Delay Ever

Normally, airport delays are anything but adorable, though there was an exception today at New York's La Guardia Airport. A dog got loose from its cage as it was being boarded on to a plane and ran onto a runway. The puppy, a 30-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback named Byrdie, caused an approximately 10-minute delay in… » 4/25/12 11:15pm 4/25/12 11:15pm

ANTM: It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To "Yeshterday"

We had a surprise double elimination on last night's episode of Top Model » 9/25/08 1:40pm 9/25/08 1:40pm. Frankly, I wasn't sad or surprised to see Isis go. I know there's a human interest element in her, but can you really be a professional model if you can't strip down in front of people? Or wear swimsuits? And forget about her genitalia for a…