Bride Flees Wedding After Groom Proves He Can't Do Simple Math

When a marriage is arranged, it's not uncommon for a bride to only meet her groom on their wedding day. In order to make sure that the man she was marrying had an education, one bride in the Uttar Pradesh state of India gave her intended a math test on their wedding day. He failed spectacularly. »3/13/15 2:10pm3/13/15 2:10pm


Groom Sues Runaway Bride For Emotional Distress

In Malaysia, Masran Abdul Rahman and his family are suing his former fiancée Norzuliyana Mat Hassan for leaving him just six hours before their wedding. Rahman says he suffered distress and embarassment when he was forced to call off the elaborate wedding for 1,200 guests. The AP notes, "His lawyer said the would-be… »8/10/11 10:30am8/10/11 10:30am