New York City Is Still Plugging Away at the Whole Topless Ladies Thing

The amount of time spent by the New York City government on the question of Times Square’s off-brand costumed performers and bare-breasted “desnudas” continues to compound, as a mayoral task force recommends rules for “when and where” they can pester tourists for money. Isn’t it great that literally all of the city’s… »10/01/15 10:25am10/01/15 10:25am


Some Etsy Sellers Are Worried Etsy Will Become Full of Factory Products

When they're not getting in trouble for allowing the sale of t-shirts that promote rape, Etsy seems like a pretty good place to work and buy from. But some of their vendors are upset because of new set of rules that allow people to use outside manufacturers to produce their products, making things totally less… »10/29/13 12:20pm10/29/13 12:20pm

New Dress Codes to Make Teachers Feel Even More Unappreciated

A wave of new teacher dress codes is inundating schools across America and threatening to sap the last little bit of dignity that the much-maligned school teacher has left. The Wichita School District has made it a point to regulate teachers' appearance, from the number of visible tattoos a teacher is allowed to have… »7/30/12 10:00am7/30/12 10:00am

How to Avoid Being Defriended on Facebook: Science Unlocks the Secret

Facebook is useful for so many things, and yet mostly what it is good for is providing you with new and technologically advanced ways to feel miserable. One of the most effective weapons Facebook offers in the quest to destroy your self-esteem is the ability of people to defriend each other. Nothing cuts deeper than… »5/01/12 11:35am5/01/12 11:35am

USASF Orders Male Cheerleaders To "Minimize Exaggerated or Theatrical Movements”

This weekend is the world championships of competitive cheerleading in Orlando, and back in March this year's participants were faced with an addendum to the U.S. All Star Federation's set of guidelines—specifically, a new set of "image etiquette" best practices. They range from sounding harmless, albeit something the… »4/28/12 5:30pm4/28/12 5:30pm

Fish Forks, Conformity And Inner Peace: The Emily Post Legacy

Emily Post's Etiquette »10/14/08 3:00pm10/14/08 3:00pm came out in 1922 and quickly her name became synonymous with good manners. A new biography of the etiquette doyenne by Laura Claridge, in the current , shows her to have been a scandal-surviving divorcee who played the banjo and worked as a professional writer in a time when well-bred women…

The One Thing (Besides Take A Dump) You Never Do In Front Of Dudes

About ten of you have emailed from Esquire about the things a man should never do in the company of a woman, like cleaning your gun or talking about the girls you used to fuck or "rapping" or blow-drying their hair. It's fun but not incredibly accurate; most of the dealbreakers, like calling a girl a "whore" in a way… »2/26/08 5:30pm2/26/08 5:30pm