'Artist' Kills Butterflies for His 'Art,' Is Happy Someone's Paying…

Damien Hirst, big baby and caricature of a provocative artist (stop trying to get it! you don't get it!), is in deep doo-doo with the RSPCA for butterfly abuse. And he wouldn't have it other way. » 10/15/12 9:30am 10/15/12 9:30am

Brangelina Wants To Dress Your Kids

Dark Days

"Reports of deliberate cruelty to black cats rise especially in the weeks around Halloween in Britain, the RSPCA animal charity said on Wednesday." The RSPCA is asking people to come forward and adopt the poor, neglected harbingers of evil. [Reuters] » 10/28/09 11:30am 10/28/09 11:30am

Gwyneth Paltrow Tells You How To Dress Like An Oblivious Rich Person!

Madonna is thisclose to becoming the next Anna Wintour, at least in the eyes of animal-rights activists. The pop star and friend of vegan Stella McCartney dyed the sheep at her English estate an array of hues, the better to art direct them for a shoot for Vogue. Says an RSPCA spokesman: "It sends out the wrong message… » 11/27/07 9:45am 11/27/07 9:45am