Time to Fumble Towards Ecstasy With Robyn's New Track 'Set Me Free'

Robyn, who can bring warmth to anything, is so good in collaboration: the EP she did last year with Royksopp was a miniature master class on genre, with each of the five songs taking Robyn’s deep pop instincts and stretching them through Royksopp’s mathematical abstraction to hit a specific and different point. It was… »7/24/15 1:57pm7/24/15 1:57pm


Robyn Is Planning a Tour, Making New Music and Will Save Us All

2014 will not be entirely a wash because Robyn will be touring with the Norwegian pop duo Röyksopp, last heard on her jam "None Of Dem" from the album Body Talk Part 1. We haven't been this excited since she put out that music video for her collaboration with Snoop Dogg "U Should Know Better" years after the original… »12/09/13 2:45pm12/09/13 2:45pm