Snap Judgment: Europe's Royals Love Tiaras and Pink 

While the British royal family prefers to wear ridiculously elaborate hats to weddings, the rest of northern Europe’s royal women prefer the good-old-fashioned tiara. Princesses and tiaras are a natural fit. Besides, there’s no better way to display wealth, power, and lineage more meaningfully than casually wearing… »6/14/15 1:30pm6/14/15 1:30pm

A Century of Royal Wedding Gowns in One Handy Graphic

On Saturday, June 13th, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden will marry Sofia Hellqvist in a lavish ceremony to be remembered for the ages (because if there’s one thing we know about Swedes, it’s that they like to party and also Ace of Base). What better way to celebrate than by looking at the beautiful dresses all of us… »6/14/15 11:15am6/14/15 11:15am