See The Royal Wedding Invitation That Isn't Waiting In Your Mailbox

The 1,800 invitations to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding have been delivered! The couple opted for formal wedding stationary, foregoing the beachy prints or black-and-white shots of two little kids kissing preferred by many couples. We're hoping the wording "is commanded by The Queen to invite," catches… »2/20/11 11:15pm2/20/11 11:15pm


UK Female Pioneers Get Own Stamps • Josef Fritzl Declared Clincally Sane

• The British Royal Mail has issued stamps »10/14/08 5:30pm10/14/08 5:30pm for six female pioneers, including family planning activist Marie Stopes and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first British woman to qualify as a doctor. • Some activists, however, are upset about the inclusion of Ms. Stopes since she famously supported eugenics and expressed…