Rachel Bilson Thinks Women Who Wear Revealing Dresses Are Total Sluts

It would appear that Rachel Bilson has taken up some part-time work with the purity police after she took a dig at any woman who dare expose her slutty back, chest and thigh skin. Sitting down to discuss the important things in life with Lucky magazine – shopping, of course! – she confessed that she's not a fan of… » 2/29/12 9:00am 2/29/12 9:00am

See the Triumphant Return of the 'Super Bass' Girls (Now With Original Lyrics)

Sophia Grace and her tragically mute hype girl Rosie (they say she hasn't talked since the orphanage burned down, poor thing) were back on Ellen this week, this time performing Turn My Swag On by Keri Hilson. These two girls are always adorable, but when Sophia Grace throws in her own lyrics? They're also unstoppable. » 2/10/12 7:45pm 2/10/12 7:45pm

Rosie O'Donnell Totes Understands Where Chris Brown Is Coming From

Rosie O'Donnell discussed Chris Brown on her radio show over the weekend, saying: "I just don't know why this kid seems to be held to a different standard than anyone else." Because, you know, other people throw chairs at windows, sending shattered glass down onto Times Square, and no one gives a shit! » 4/04/11 2:50pm 4/04/11 2:50pm

Fashion Designers Continue To Be Full Of Political Opinions

  • Only one more day of having to listen to designers opine about politics! Marc Jacobs' L.A. windows are "set up with the Republicans menacingly on one side (with a particularly freaky-looking W) and brightly dressed Obama voters/supporters on the other. There's also a gun-toting Palin with a letter posted next to her…
  • » 11/04/08 11:30am 11/04/08 11:30am