Dolly Parton's Boobs and Arms Are Covered in Secret Tattoos

Can you remember the last time you saw Dolly Parton wear a sleeveless dress or strapless gown? It's been decades. That's because the country singer is covered in tattoos, which she's been weirdly secretive about. But we found some photographic evidence! » 5/09/14 4:30pm 5/09/14 4:30pm

Roseanne and Tom Arnold Reconnected on Twitter and It Was...Something

Roseanne Barr, comedy pioneer and Jezebel's number one fan, reconnected with an old flame on Twitter last night. Sadly, it was not the romantic reunion that it could have been. » 7/23/13 5:30pm 7/23/13 5:30pm

WTF Is Going on With Roseanne?

Earlier today, Lindy read aloud some of the horrific comments she received after appearing on Totally Biased to debate rape jokes in comedy. The comments are disturbing to say the least, and lots of funny, smart people came to Lindy's defense, with one notable exception. The shocking voice of dissent? Roseanne Barr. » 6/04/13 10:30pm 6/04/13 10:30pm

Jay and Bey Have Some Eleventh-Hour Obama Endorsements For You

Vote today, you guys! Vote! OK? Even if you're just a sycophant with no political leanings, vote because your favorite celebrities want you to. As Jay-Z substituted "Mitt" for "bitch" onstage during "99 Problems" at an Ohio rally for President Obama, Beyonce was at home writing a very nice letter to our president:… » 11/06/12 9:00am 11/06/12 9:00am

Roseanne Wore Toenail Art to Her Comedy Central Roast

The red carpet for Roseanne's Comedy Central Roast wasn't red at all, but the textured, cheap, crappy brown carpet popularized in the late '70s/early '80s. With a front door entrance, hanging coats and twood paneling and wallpaper, the entire step-and-repeat was styled after the infamous living room from Roseanne.… » 8/06/12 1:00pm 8/06/12 1:00pm

Katy Perry and ‘Ginger Ninja' Prince Harry Plan Romp on Palace Grounds

English tabloid editors have tipped their bowler hats at their US counterparts by printing some of the best erotic fan fiction we've seen for some time – a breathless blow-by-blow account of Prince Harry's plan to woo Katy Perry by pushing to have her play at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. "Harry has a double reason for… » 3/06/12 9:00am 3/06/12 9:00am

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Kathy Griffin gives Piers Morgan a hard time, Colleen Camp is ornery, and Anderson Cooper takes aim at Chris Brown. » 8/05/11 5:51pm 8/05/11 5:51pm

While on , Dana Delany mocked Kelsey Grammer's new career goal of wanting to be the mayor of New York without realizing that the show's hosts…

Roseanne Wants To Legalize Marijuana

Today in Tweet Beat, Roseanne has a very interesting platform for her potential political career. Plus, Eli Roth has a painful flashback of his deadly run in with a sea urchin. » 7/08/11 7:30pm 7/08/11 7:30pm

Aubrey O'Day Has A Really Important Question

Today in Tweet Beat, Aubrey O'Day wants to know what you would say if you had the world's attention. Plus, Roseanne goes on a bizarre "No Fat Chicks" tirade. » 7/06/11 7:30pm 7/06/11 7:30pm

Holly Madison Makes Thinly-Veiled Jab At Crystal Harris

Today in Tweet Beat, Hugh Hefner's ex Holly Madison is not upset about his recent breakup. Plus, Hef gets tons of other celebrity proposals. » 6/15/11 7:30pm 6/15/11 7:30pm

Celebs Are Atwitter Over Anthony Weiner's Weiner

Today in Tweet Beat, Anthony Weiner's press conference has everybody talking. Plus, Chris Brown reminds you that he's an adult, in case you forgot based on his behavior. » 6/06/11 7:30pm 6/06/11 7:30pm

Amy Fisher Quits Porn Industry

Today in Tweet Beat, the infamous Long Island Lolita has bowed out of the adult entertainment industry with the help of Dr. Drew. Plus, take a look at Jonah Hill's child glamor shots. » 5/24/11 7:53pm 5/24/11 7:53pm

How Celebrities Are Preparing For The Rapture

Today in Tweet Beat, celebs like Stephen Baldwin, Candace Cameron and Ice-T figure out their plans for when the world ends tomorrow. » 5/20/11 7:43pm 5/20/11 7:43pm

Who Will Oprah Make Up With Next?

Newsweek points out that a theme of this last season of her show has been Oprah mending fences with famous friends with whom she was feuding, like Roseanne, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell, and Iyanla Vanzant. Burying hatchets on air seems to play into Oprah's style in that it's at once educational and riveting TV:… » 3/22/11 1:05pm 3/22/11 1:05pm

Dear Hollywood: We Notice When You Change A Major Element Of A Show

Y'know, they don't call us "viewers" for nothing. When you change a major element of a show, we notice. The latest: Cougar Town's creator has reportedly said that he might change that show's awful title. Okay, now it's getting insulting. » 6/16/10 2:30pm 6/16/10 2:30pm

Blast From The Past

Not only does the blog Third and Delaware immortalize all the awesome outfits from Roseanne, but it also provides a plethora of perfect "bitch, please" faces. Talk about killing two bird (sweaters) with one stone. [Third & Delaware, via NYMag] » 2/12/10 11:20am 2/12/10 11:20am

Balloon Boy's Mom Admits To Hoax, Roseanne Tells Tom Off, And…