Neighbors Sequel, Sorority Rising, Will Star Chloë Grace Moretz

Neighbors, the unexpectedly great 2014 comedy about a raucous fraternity that moves in next to a boring married couple, is getting a sequel. And, based on its recently confirmed title, the bad neighbors (played by Zac Efron and Dave Franco in the first film) are going to be ladies this time. Chloë Grace Moretz will… »7/27/15 3:35pm7/27/15 3:35pm


Rose Byrne Starts an All-Female Production Company With a Cool Name

Rose Byrne is helping to increase the much-needed presence of women filmmakers with the launch of The Dollhouse Collective, an all-female production company run by the actress along with four other Australian women. Actress and director Gracie Otto, director Shannon Murphy, publicist and producer Jessica Carrera and… »4/25/15 3:45pm4/25/15 3:45pm

Watch Sally Seltmann's Uplifting Night Moves in 'We Are the Music'

Australian pop songwriter Sally Seltmann says that "right now" she "just wants to make music that makes people happy," and that's reflected in her latest anthem. "We Are the Music," a collaboration with Jon Lawless, Aaron Mohr, and her husband Darren Seltmann (The Avalanches), is feelgood in the extreme, a gossamer… »3/12/15 1:10pm3/12/15 1:10pm

Emmys Tribute to Cory Monteith Angers Jack Klugman's Family

Many viewers were outraged that the passing of TV legend Jack Klugman — who played Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple — got very little airtime in the Emmy tribute that included a long memoriam to Cory Monteith. Klugman's son Adam told the AP: "It’s an insult and it really seems typical of this youth-centric culture… »9/23/13 9:00am9/23/13 9:00am

Zac Efron is Ripped, Shirtless and Fratty in Neighbors

Seth Rogen is officially old and making movies about what an old crank he is, if the preview for his new movie Neighbors is anything to go by. He and Rose Byrne play a married couple with a very cute baby that start to lose it when a fraternity moves in next door, headed up by Zac Efron. Also DAVE FRANCO ALERT HELLO.… »9/03/13 11:00am9/03/13 11:00am

Rose Byrne Might Join the Annie Revival in the Role of Pepper

No. Not really. But she is in talks to play the role of Grace Farrell, Daddy Warbucks' assistant who first sees Annie at Miss Hannigan's orphanage and brings her home to the Warbucks estate for the holidays. Assuming she can sing, Byrne — who you may know from Bridesmaids, the 2004 box office hit Troy, or TV's Damages »7/19/13 12:40pm7/19/13 12:40pm

Ughhh, Will Kate Winslet's Baby Have the Last Name Rocknroll?

GUYS, Titanic was on the Hallmark Channel a while ago, and now I am thinking that perhaps this was the magic eve* that Kate Winslet became pregnant with her first child from her third marriage to Ned Rocknroll, the gadabout nephew of Richard Branson. Her two older children, 12 and 9 respectively, are from her… »6/05/13 9:00am6/05/13 9:00am

Cleavage, Sideboob and See-Through Dresses at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

In the immortal words of R. Kelly, after the show it's the after party. Last night, Oscar-nominated A-list celebs flocked to the Vanity Fair bash, where they mingled with TV stars and luminaries of the music world. The dress code was half pretty, half sexy. It was a night of many beautiful mammaries. Some ladies let… »2/25/13 4:40pm2/25/13 4:40pm