Kate Middleton Still Royally Puking in the Hospital

K8 Middleton, rather delightfully referred to in this New York Daily News article as a "queasy royal," is feeling a little better after getting fluids but remains in London's King Edward VII hospital due to severe Wingardium Leviosa!! hyperemesis gravidarum. A palace spokesman wants everyone concerned for Kate to know… »12/05/12 9:00am12/05/12 9:00am


Celebs Don Long Sleeves and Pantyhose for Glamour's Women of the Year Awards

Last night in New York, Glamour magazine held its 22nd annual Women of the Year Awards — a fancy schmancy party, where ladies making big moves mixed and mingled. 20-year-old Selena Gomez is on the cover of the December issue, which honors the women of the year. Fun fact: All of the ladies were photographed for the… »11/13/12 12:00pm11/13/12 12:00pm

Flattery Will Get You Nowhere With Veteran Reporter Helen Thomas

Rory Kennedy's documentary about longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas, Thank You, Mr. President »8/19/08 12:00pm8/19/08 12:00pm, , and Thomas glowed as the thoughtful, intelligent woman she's widely known to be. Here, she's discussing an interaction with President Richard Nixon during a press conference in the thick of the Watergate…

Longtime White House Reporter Helen Thomas Is Critical Of Even Her Own Behavior

Helen Thomas is considered the Grand Dame »8/18/08 12:40pm8/18/08 12:40pm of the White House Press Corps, a distinction she earned by covering every President since JFK. Thomas worked for the UPI wire service at the White House from 1961 (when Kennedy took office) until 2000, when she resigned after the Moonies bought it out (she went to work as a…