Reagan's 'Welfare Queen' Was a Real Person and Her Story Is Bananas

During President Ronald Reagan's 1976 campaign trail, the actor-cum-politician made the "welfare queen" an integral part of his issue reform rhetoric and an evergreen trope that African Americans still battle. But recently, Slate's thorough reporting reveals that the "welfare queen" Reagan employed to stereotype a… » 12/24/13 3:00pm 12/24/13 3:00pm

Elizabeth Taylor Had a Threesome With JFK and Another Dude in a Pool

In the age of designer drugs and Twitter and cell phone pictures of celebrities grinding with each other to music composed almost entirely of beeps, there's something classy about an old-school Hollywood scandal. Even Lindsay Lohan's sordid exploits can't match those of Elizabeth Taylor, whom Lohan depicts in the… » 10/11/12 9:00am 10/11/12 9:00am

Sunday Sign-Off: It's Raining Giant Scoops of Ice Cream

Maybe you're not crazy about Ronald Reagan, but odds are, unless you're lactose-intolerant (and for that I am so very sorry), you probably love ice cream. Well, thanks to our 40th President, today you can celebrate National Ice Cream Day with whatever flavor (Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie) you can procure from… » 7/15/12 6:30pm 7/15/12 6:30pm

Beyoncé And Kim Kardashian May Not Be As Close As We Thought, Which Was…

At the BET awards last night, Bey, Jay, 'Ye and something called a Kim Kardashian sat together in a royal enclave and the photos of this momentous event have already been analyzed until the end of time. Beyoncé and Kim, who sat on the outside of their respective men, "made no effort to stretch across to chinwag." Kim… » 7/02/12 9:00am 7/02/12 9:00am

Mitt Romney Campaign Loves Ronald Reagan So Much that they Misspelled…

This first time the Romney campaign misspelled something important ("Amercia"), I chalked it up to an embarrassing (hilarious) oversight by some poor intern who was probably fired afterward and ran home crying to his McMansion in the outskirts of Provo. The second time the campaign released something flashy and… » 6/07/12 1:20pm 6/07/12 1:20pm

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Awkward Pictures Of Politicians And…

Check out this great treasury of holiday Santa-political awkwardness, because nothing says "Christmas" like Nancy Reagan flirting with Mr. T. » 12/19/10 12:55pm 12/19/10 12:55pm

Will Zac Efron Play Ronald Reagan?

A biopic is in the works, and lots of names are being thrown around, including Chris Pine and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But Zefron has an uncanny resemblance to the Gipper, no? » 9/08/10 3:46pm 9/08/10 3:46pm

Warrant Issued For Reagan's Grandson

TMZ is reporting that a warrant has been issued for Cameron Reagan's arrest. Ronald Reagan's grandson failed to show up for a January court date for drug charges he incurred while speeding in November. [TMZ] » 3/02/10 10:40am 3/02/10 10:40am

Purity Balls: Republican Party Proposes Test For Politicians

A new purity test for Republicans seeking party support asks if potential GOPers support of the Defense of Marriage Act, are against government funding for abortion, and are ready to bow down and fellate the ghost of Ronald Reagan. » 11/24/09 10:00am 11/24/09 10:00am

Are We Ready To Confront The Boogeyman of Socialized Medicine?

Ever since the townhall hollering sessions, the idea of socialized medicine has been lobbed at politicians as a way to reframe the health care discussion. In Newsweek, a writer opines on why a socialized of view medicine benefited her. » 10/01/09 10:00am 10/01/09 10:00am

Heigl To Blame For 17-Hour Shoot; Mad Men Actress Told To Bulk Up; Jude…

Sandra Day O'Connor Talks About The Courts, Avoids Republicans

Deborah Solomon of the New York Times Magazine sat down with retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor ostensibly to talk about O'Connor's civics site for kids, Our Courts. But that's apparently way boring. » 3/19/09 3:20pm 3/19/09 3:20pm

The Truth Might Not Be Pretty, But Obama Makes You Like It Anyway

As mentioned earlier, Rolling Stone » 10/15/08 3:00pm 10/15/08 3:00pm has in its latest issue in which Obama acknowledges that the financial crisis is going to require tough decisions and taxes and government programs; says Americans are going to have to make sacrifices to reform the country's energy policy (and to implement those reforms); and…

Conventional Crap: Joe Lieberman Is Made-Up But Not Imaginary

Another endless day that starts in Crap dawns in St. Paul, but luckily my soon-to-be-embedded friend Spencer » 9/03/08 10:00am 9/03/08 10:00am is (virtually) here to help understand why some GOP makeup artist slathered Joe Lieberman in this much pancake foundation and — worse — how I spent 20 minutes staring at his ass instead of his made-up mug.…

Pat Buchanan Thinks You Should Be More Thankful For Slavery, Barry Obama

Pat Buchanan is entreating the black people of America to be more grateful to America bringing them here in "slave ships." I mean, they got welfare and methadone maintenance and forced Christianity and eventually the right to consider themselves fully human! Where is the gratitude, black people? And no, that is not my… » 3/24/08 10:00am 3/24/08 10:00am

"Slumlord" Barack Calls Hill The Evil Pawn Of Wal-Mart!

Tonight's Democratic debate got OMG nasty. And surprise! No one went easy on the black guy. First, Hillary Clinton sort of unabashedly misrepresented Barack Obama's recent statement about Ronald Reagan to mean he had a boner for all Republicans. So in response, he dragged out Hillary Clinton's history as the First… » 1/21/08 10:25pm 1/21/08 10:25pm

Ex-Mrs. Ronald Reagan and screen legend Jane Wyman passed away today at the age of 93. Best known for her role on the TV series Falcon Crest, Wyman possessed a sort of tact and class notably absent from today's tabloid stars. On her policy of not speaking about her former husband, she once said: "[I]t's bad taste to… » 9/10/07 1:15pm 9/10/07 1:15pm