Reminder: In the Heart of the Sea Is a Movie About Chris Hemsworth Eating Human Flesh

After seeing the trailer for In the Heart of the Sea several times over the past few weeks, I thought I knew what it was about: Chris Hemsworth, a whaler, goes whaling with his whaler friends, gets attacked by an enormous sperm whale who refuses to be whaled, hops in a tiny boat with the other surviving whalers, and… »Monday 6:20pm11/23/15 6:20pm


Beyoncé Isn’t Actually Feuding with Kim Kardashian

The celebrity feud rumor mill has apparently churned out a certifiable lump of crap — Beyoncé totally did not snub Kim Kardashian because Kim Kardashian never impertinently approached Ron Howard to demand that he cast her in one of his movies. Or maybe, this latest news of conviviality is the crap rumor and Beyoncé… »9/09/12 10:45pm9/09/12 10:45pm