Paul Ryan Appeals to Much-Needed Women Voters By Mocking War on Women

The Presidential race is getting pretty horse-racey in the waning days before the election, and both candidates and their running mates are furiously touring Ohio, Florida, and Colorado trying to convince people to vote for them. Today, Paul Ryan included an hilarious new bit of jokemaking in a speech to donors at a… »10/19/12 7:15pm10/19/12 7:15pm

Friday Night Lights Creator Writes Letter Demanding Mitt Romney Stop Plagiarizing the Show

A newly invigorated Mitt Romney has been springing joyously along the campaign trail in recent days armed with a slight poll bounce and a brand new campaign slogan: "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose." Which would be a great, fresh take on quixotic optimism if that were an original Romney joint rather than something… »10/12/12 3:20pm10/12/12 3:20pm

In News of Election Cycle Freak-Outs, Girl Who Was Allegedly Ridiculed by a Teacher for Wearing a Romney/Ryan Shirt Will Transfer

Election cycles can create some pretty tense exchanges between the opposing fans of our two-party political football games, so we shouldn't be all that surprised to learn that a recent Mitt Romney t-shirt kerfuffle at Philadelphia high school has culminated in an allegedly snarky teacher being investigated by the… »10/10/12 9:15pm10/10/12 9:15pm

Why it Matters that Tagg Romney's Surrogacy Agreement Was Pro-Choice

This May, Mitt Romney's son Tagg and his wife Jennifer became the proud parents of two beautiful twin boys with the help of a surrogate. And today, TMZ revealed that — gasp — the agreement they made with the surrogate gave the woman carrying their children the option to terminate the pregnancy for pretty much any… »9/21/12 4:10pm9/21/12 4:10pm

Secret Video Reveals that Mitt Romney Actually Hates You

You guys: Mitt Romney's kind of an asshole. During a fancy schmancy meeting of donors, the Presidential candidate finally let that fear grimace/wince/blink facial expression fall and revealed his true face: angry, jaw-droppingly oblivious rich prick who honestly does not give two shits about the 47% of Americans who… »9/17/12 5:45pm9/17/12 5:45pm