‘Bride-Napping’ in Romania Is Exactly the Sort of Caprice American Weddings Are Missing

A Romanian tradition called "bride-napping" has been able to flourish in recent years, because apparently no one in Romania has seen or gives credence to Jawbreaker. It happens like this: a bride is abducted in a fit of ribaldry by her drunkest friends. She is ferried to a secure location (the most popular being… »9/03/12 10:25pm9/03/12 10:25pm

Bikini Bottoms Now Promote Genital Mutilation Awareness • Romanian Court Says Penis Worth $800K

Bathing suits in Barcelona now feature hygienic protectors in swim bottoms that feature a picture rusty razor blade that sits right under your ladyarea to raise awareness about genital mutilation. Wow, genius and kinda gross. • Josef Fritzl is apparently writing his memoirs while in prison, much to the horror of his… »7/07/08 5:30pm7/07/08 5:30pm

Romanian Girl Impregnated By Relative May Will Not Be Denied An Abortion

Last week it was Polish 14-year-old who was caught in a choice battlefield, and now, news of a pregnant by rape 11-year-old Romanian girl has hit the international news wires. The legal time limit for abortions in Romania is 14 weeks, and because this girl is, you know, eleven, she didn't realize she was pregnant… »6/26/08 9:30am6/26/08 9:30am