The Perfect Letter Is Chris Harrison's Boring Idea of 'Mommy Porn'

Chris Harrison wrote a romance novel. It took him a couple years and lots of late nights, but given that he’s spent his adult life advising sort of adults how to find love, and given that he’s divorced and has shown no real readiness to settle down again, it seems like that developing this side hustle was time… »5/21/15 3:30pm5/21/15 3:30pm

Hey, Right Quick: Fabio Was on Just a Minority of Romance Covers

I'm glad you stopped by, because there's something I want to get on the record: Fabio, for all his immense fame, simply has not been on that large a percentage of the romance novel covers through history, and he hasn't worked as a model in years. And if you reduce the genre to his pecs and flowing blonde locks, you… »2/26/15 2:10pm2/26/15 2:10pm

Library Sponsors Romance Novel Vandalizing Event for Cool Teens

Attention, Cool Teens who are like already totally over Valentine's Day: The Toronto Public Library has planned an event just for you! The Anti-Valentine's Day Anti-Party, as originally planned, would give prematurely jaded pre-adults the opportunity to vandalize romance novels. Totally punk rock, right?! »2/05/14 2:40pm2/05/14 2:40pm

NSA Leaker's Romantic Life Reads Like Escapist Fan Fiction

NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden gave up his freedom to leak classified and critical government secrets that warrant our utmost attention. He relinquished his own privacy so we would know that ours is under attack. But naturally, media outlets are much more concerned with tracking down Lindsay Mills, his… »6/11/13 11:50am6/11/13 11:50am

Here is a woman loves romance novels so much that she made a pair of shoes out of them.

Here is a woman loves romance novels so much that she made a pair of shoes out of them. Check them out at Smart Bitches Trashy Books, where Rudi, a graduate student studying romance novels, said, "They are entirely functional and I have plans to wear them ... pretty much everywhere." They are the equivalent of ruby… »6/10/13 1:00pm6/10/13 1:00pm

Prolific Romance Novelist Jessica Blair Actually 89-Year-Old Grandpa

Everyone knows that only women are qualified to write romance novels, right? Men are supposed to be writing books about sharks or beer, DOY. Sadly, we're not so far from the days when Mary Anne Evans had no choice but to take on the nom de plume George Eliot in order to be taken seriously as a writer (although this… »2/09/13 4:30pm2/09/13 4:30pm

Your Favorite Literary Classics Are About to Be Ruined by Fifty Shades

You knew Fifty Shades of Grey was bad, but did you know that it's so bad that it's actually ruining other novels with its success? Clandestine Classics, a publisher of erotic e-books, will soon be releasing all of your favorite romance classics, such as Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Sherlock Holmes, with added … »7/18/12 6:40pm7/18/12 6:40pm