Emily Dickinson's Love Letter to Her Sister-in-Law Will 'Pummel' Your Heart on Valentine's Day

Letters of Note, a site dedicated to finding and publishing anything from postcards to telegrams to faxes that contain captivating material, has dedicated their Twitter feed to Valentine’s Day 2016 by posting love letters via Twitter that are meant to “pummel you”—into enduring hope for everlasting love or into a…


These Early-'90s 'Futuristic' Romance Covers Are Stunning and Wondrous 

Historical romance covers of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s are instantly recognizable—a triumph of design, frankly. But equally striking are the covers for these science fiction romance stories from the period. In 3034, we won’t need spacesuits, just pants and rippling abs. The future looks bright!

Turns Out Writing Gay Romance Is More Complicated Than Just Plagiarizing Straight Romances

Stephenie Meyer recently demonstrated that taking one of your old novels and “rewriting” it as a gender-bent retelling can be a lucrative way to appeal to one’s fans. But what if the story that you’re writing up isn’t yours to begin with? A romance novelist specializing in gay fiction has just been uncovered as a…