My Best Friend's Wedding Is Being Remade Into a Series for ABC

ABC’s newest series is not necessarily a reboot, but it is definitely from the past, a past some of us (not me) are trying to forget. The network has pulled from the Julia Roberts film canon to come up with a new half-hour show, which will act as a sequel to My Best Friend’s Wedding. What in the name of Rupert Everett… »10/14/15 11:45pm10/14/15 11:45pm


Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine Turning Into a Rom Com?

I love autumn: it’s TV’s cuffing season, when all sitcoms suddenly become rom coms. In both The Mindy Project’s Season 4 premiere earlier this month and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s start to Season 3 this week, relationships got serious. For two seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ran on the steam of detective Jake Peralta (Andy… »9/29/15 12:20pm9/29/15 12:20pm

The Mindy Project Goes to Hulu and Wonders What Might Have Been 

September has been a good month for Mindy Kaling. Just hot off the release of her second memoir, Why Not Me?, Kaling’s TV show The Mindy Projectwhich was recently saved by Hulu from Fox cancellation death—premiered its fourth season this week. As someone who has, for better and for worse, faithfully followed Mindy… »9/18/15 9:00am9/18/15 9:00am

Now That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal, We're Gonna Need Some Gay Romcoms

OK. Take a breath, everyone. I know that excitement over the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling is going to make it difficult to focus on anything else today/this weekend, but we really have to start considering the implications of this news. It’s wonderful that marriage equality is now a real thing in the… »6/26/15 12:30pm6/26/15 12:30pm

This Dude Licensed His Song to Fifty Shades Thinking It was a Rom Com

Say what you will about Fifty Shades, but it's major and getting one of your tracks into the movie could be a big break for an up-and-coming musician. Not that Paul Janeway of St. Paul and the Broken Bones thought that way when he agreed to license "Call Me," because he didn't know what the hell Fifty Shades of Grey »2/25/15 2:30pm2/25/15 2:30pm

Television Is Resurrecting the Romantic Comedy From Its Deathbed

Have you noticed more romantic plots creeping onto your TV screen? And perhaps on shows that are comedic, rather than dramatic? Don't look now, but the rom com is perhaps pulling a Lazarus. It's just that everyone is very, very shy of the term "romantic comedy" after years of stinkers anchored by Matthew McConaughey. »8/18/14 2:40pm8/18/14 2:40pm

Man's Attempt to Play Gay to Help a Friend Backfires Spectacularly

It started out innocently enough (it always does) — one man pretends to be gay for a single dinner party to help a friend out. As lies do, this one sucked in the friend's family, free time, and living situation. And, before he knew it, the Helpful Man found that the lie had spiraled completely and entirely out of… »7/21/14 6:15pm7/21/14 6:15pm

Women Didn't Abandon Rom-Coms, Roms-Coms Abandoned Women

Rom-Coms are not in a good place right now, as lamented by The Atlantic and our very own Tracy Moore. The chart above–based on figures from Box Office Mojo–shows just how badly the genre has tanked, as inflation-adjusted domestic ticket receipts (left axis) have plummeted despite a huge number of releases (line… »5/20/13 3:50pm5/20/13 3:50pm

Julianne Moore and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talk About How Porn and RomComs Are All About Objectification

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come a long way since he played a superannuated teenage alien on 3rd Rock from the Sun — he just directed his first movie, which he's currently promoting at the Sundance Film Festival. Don Jon's Addiction, according to The Daily Beast, features JGL playing a guy who's addicted to porn who… »1/20/13 6:00pm1/20/13 6:00pm

Rom-Coms Are Sort of Realizing That the ‘Best Friend’ Isn’t Just a Caricature of Endearing Loneliness

After decades of inevitable nuptials and the female leads who are too beautiful and romantical to screw up their climactic hitching, romantic comedies are beginning to relegate their brides to the background while the best friend in all of his or her drunken, self-destructive splendor, takes center-stage and falls… »6/01/12 10:50am6/01/12 10:50am