This Dude Licensed His Song to Fifty Shades Thinking It was a Rom Com

Say what you will about Fifty Shades, but it's major and getting one of your tracks into the movie could be a big break for an up-and-coming musician. Not that Paul Janeway of St. Paul and the Broken Bones thought that way when he agreed to license "Call Me," because he didn't know what the hell Fifty Shades of Grey » 2/25/15 2:30pm 2/25/15 2:30pm

Television Is Resurrecting the Romantic Comedy From Its Deathbed

Have you noticed more romantic plots creeping onto your TV screen? And perhaps on shows that are comedic, rather than dramatic? Don't look now, but the rom com is perhaps pulling a Lazarus. It's just that everyone is very, very shy of the term "romantic comedy" after years of stinkers anchored by Matthew McConaughey. » 8/18/14 2:40pm 8/18/14 2:40pm

Man's Attempt to Play Gay to Help a Friend Backfires Spectacularly

It started out innocently enough (it always does) — one man pretends to be gay for a single dinner party to help a friend out. As lies do, this one sucked in the friend's family, free time, and living situation. And, before he knew it, the Helpful Man found that the lie had spiraled completely and entirely out of… » 7/21/14 6:15pm 7/21/14 6:15pm

Katherine Heigl Thinks She Knows Exactly Why You Got Sick of Her

There was a time that Katherine Heigl was everywhere. After a stint on teen alien series Roswell, she did a slew of movies and landed a major role on Grey's Anatomy. But it all might have been too much — and Katherine Heigl knows it. » 7/03/14 12:00pm 7/03/14 12:00pm

Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd Star in a Very Perfect RomCom Parody

Your passionate appeals to the rom-com gods have finally been answered: this year, a romantic comedy parody starring Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd will premiere at Sundance. It's called They Came Together, and it's directed by David Wain (of Wet Hot American Summer fame). » 1/16/14 10:25am 1/16/14 10:25am

The Other Woman Will Be the Best Movie Ever

It feels as though they've been filming The Other Woman — or, as we call it around here, The First Wives Club II — for years now, judging from the number of paparazzi photos excitedly featuring Kate Upton's breasts we've seen. But finally, the trailer is here, and it's a sight to behold. » 12/20/13 12:20pm 12/20/13 12:20pm

Here's Gravity Reimagined as a Rom Com (It Lacks Gravitas)

If you liked the new Alfonso Cuarón film Gravity — starring America's Sweetheart Sandra Bullock and Professional Cary Grant impersonator George Chiseled Jaw Clooney — but wished it had just a leeeetle more flirty bickering, physical comedy and romance, you're in luck. » 10/09/13 10:50am 10/09/13 10:50am

The RomCom's Not Dead. Hollywood's Just Lazy.

Back in the good old days, all a Hollywood studio had to do to make tens of millions of dollars was release a film about a plucky, satisfyingly flawed female protagonist who finds quirky but ultimately bland love with a chesty yet tender-hearted man. Meet-cute, But I Can't Stand Him montage, scene where Everything… » 9/27/13 5:20pm 9/27/13 5:20pm

When Jesse Met Walt: Breaking Bad as a Rom Com

This is a cute edit and all, but to Jesse, I say the same thing I've said to many other leading ladies in rom-coms: GIRL, YOU CAN DO BETTER. » 8/13/13 6:15pm 8/13/13 6:15pm

Women Didn't Abandon Rom-Coms, Roms-Coms Abandoned Women

Rom-Coms are not in a good place right now, as lamented by The Atlantic and our very own Tracy Moore. The chart above–based on figures from Box Office Mojo–shows just how badly the genre has tanked, as inflation-adjusted domestic ticket receipts (left axis) have plummeted despite a huge number of releases (line… » 5/20/13 3:50pm 5/20/13 3:50pm

Every Romantic Comedy You Hate to Love in Under Two Minutes

Here's a trailer for every romantic comedy ever made. It's spot on — even though the announcer guy sounds like a relative of 30 Rock's Kenneth. Man, I miss 30 Rock, and this video isn't helping things. » 4/11/13 11:30pm 4/11/13 11:30pm

Julianne Moore and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talk About How Porn and RomComs…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come a long way since he played a superannuated teenage alien on 3rd Rock from the Sun — he just directed his first movie, which he's currently promoting at the Sundance Film Festival. Don Jon's Addiction, according to The Daily Beast, features JGL playing a guy who's addicted to porn who… » 1/20/13 6:00pm 1/20/13 6:00pm

Rom-Coms Are Sort of Realizing That the ‘Best Friend’ Isn’t Just a…

After decades of inevitable nuptials and the female leads who are too beautiful and romantical to screw up their climactic hitching, romantic comedies are beginning to relegate their brides to the background while the best friend in all of his or her drunken, self-destructive splendor, takes center-stage and falls… » 6/01/12 10:50am 6/01/12 10:50am

The Grimm Truth About Romantic Comedies

Two hundred years ago, two brothers wrote a book. Well, "wrote" is the wrong term. Jacob and Wilhelm collected dozens of stories, some well known and some obscure, some from their homeland and some from abroad. The compendium was first published in 1812; a second volume followed two years later. By the seventh… » 4/17/12 6:00pm 4/17/12 6:00pm

I Spent a Year Watching Rom-Coms and This Is the Crap I Learned

"I hope the irony isn't lost on you," my sister said to me one day last February, "that this would make for an excellent start to a romantic comedy." I threw a pillow at her and went back to sobbing. » 2/14/12 1:30pm 2/14/12 1:30pm

Mindy Kaling And The Heart Of Rom-Coms

The New Yorker ran an excerpt from Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, in which she discusses how women are portrayed in romantic comedies. Her stereotypes — the Klutz, the Ethereal Weirdo, the Sassy Best Friend — ring true, but here's what really grabbed our attention: » 9/26/11 4:50pm 9/26/11 4:50pm

Women Falling Down On Film, Over And Over And Over Again

Whatever you think of the prospect of the diarrhea-vomit-wedding dress scene in Bridesmaids, it's palpably more original than the romcom standby of a girl falling down. (Though let's not forget Sex And The City's less-committed diarrhea gag.) Here, Nerve's compendium. » 5/13/11 3:00pm 5/13/11 3:00pm

More Reasons We Want To Hang Out With Mindy Kaling

"I've led kind of an interesting life, and I drink and party and I am funny and have a good group of friends," says Mindy Kaling. "I wonder, why isn't that on TV or in the movies?" It will soon. » 9/20/10 7:38pm 9/20/10 7:38pm

Drew Barrymore Defends The Importance Of Rom-Coms

She stresses that she likes movies that are "very grounded in reality but still maintain their comedy," and notes that her latest, Going The Distance, is "not a movie where the female lead is in Christian Louboutins and thousand-dollar suits." » 8/25/10 12:15pm 8/25/10 12:15pm