Amy Schumer's Trainwreck Can't Help Falling In Love With Itself

A comedic godsend, at least in the eyes of those who worship her, Amy Schumer is a current cultural beacon, and in many ways, a void-filler. So it’s fitting that her first major film is a rom-com. The hardest-to-reinvent Romantic Comedy—two words that instantly yield lowered expectations—seems at once in need of… » 7/17/15 11:35am 7/17/15 11:35am

11 Conversations You Have After a Teenager Takes Over Your Tinder

A few weeks ago, I lent my smartphone to my nineteen-year-old cousin while I was getting my hair cut. I thought she would use it to download Candy Crush or play Words With Friends, but when she handed the phone back to me, she smirked and pointed to the Tinder icon. And then I heard the "bzzzz" of an incoming message. » 12/07/14 9:15pm 12/07/14 9:15pm

The New Fall TV Rom Coms Look Nothing Like My Dating Life

A couple months ago, I deleted Tinder from my phone, fed up with the deluge of passive, shirtless guys on there. Great idea, thanks for the memories, but I'm gone. Some of my friends still entertain it, gathering stories to be published in Fangoria, I presume. There are so many awkward tales that network TV… » 10/06/14 6:00pm 10/06/14 6:00pm

Facebook Has Deconstructed All the Fun Out of the RomCom

The RomCom is having enough time remaining culturally relevant without being stripped down to its bare, blocking-mechanism bones by our crippling reliance on social media to provide us with cheat sheets on prospective love interests. A Case of You, your soon-to-be OnDemand pick of the weekend, dispenses with clever… » 10/05/13 4:00pm 10/05/13 4:00pm

There is a Rom Com Coming Out Called Jewtopia

Yes this is a trailer for a real movie and no, we have no idea why a man pretending to be Jewish to get a girl is interesting but that's apparently the premise of the movie Jewtopia, coming out this week in very limited release. Ivan Sergei plays Christian O’Connell, a man who wants to marry a Jewish "Because I never… » 9/17/13 2:20pm 9/17/13 2:20pm

Paula Patton's New Rom-Com has Great Name That is Not a Bad Pun

For those of you who can't wait until Valentine's Day 2014 (only 280 days left!!!) to see Paula Patton in another romantic comedy, FEAR NOT because she's in a new one that's not a subpar remake of About Last Night. This movie comes out in October, she plays a flight attendant and it is called...Baggage Claim. » 5/10/13 6:40pm 5/10/13 6:40pm

It's Not Too Late to Save the Rom-Com From Itself

Most everything you ever wanted to learn about relationships you learned from having your own, but everything else you ever wanted to learn about relationships, you learned by watching other people have them. And there is no better, easier more $3.99-kind-of-way to watch other people have them than vicariously, thanks… » 2/24/13 11:00am 2/24/13 11:00am