Egypt's Cairollers Have Best Name Ever, Are Super Rad Rollergirls

Have you ever been in a Roller Derby rink? I have, and it's fucking terrifying. I lasted two minutes into tryouts before I sidelined myself for being a big baby who was more interested in eating hot dogs and gossiping. So anyway, all the props in the world to the ladies who get out there and circle that big-ass,… »11/27/12 9:30am11/27/12 9:30am

Rollergirls Are A Hit In New Jersey • Georgia O'Keeffe To Get The 'Lifetime' Treatment

• Women's roller derby »11/07/08 5:40pm11/07/08 5:40pm is becoming popular in New Jersey, where seven leagues with more than a dozen teams have been created since 2005. • Fox Japan and Fuji TV network have that they're making a Japanese version of . • A British Muslim OB/GYN who has seen Muslim patients with bruises says she believes that is more…