Blissfully Ignorant Director Roland Emmerich On Stonewall Backlash: 'So Be It'

Reviews of Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall have begun pouring in, and the general consensus is that, well, it really, really, really sucks. The poster promises that the film tells the story of “where pride began,” but—as Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak pointed out in his review—it tells the wrong one. »9/22/15 6:20pm9/22/15 6:20pm

Spoof Trailer Tells the Truth About Obnoxiously Whitewashed Stonewall Film

Stonewall, the forthcoming Roland Emmerich film which fictionalizes the start of the pride movement in a West Village nightclub, follows the fable of Danny, a cornfed gay kid from the Midwest who follows his dreams to New York City and totally starts it all by throwing a brick throw a window and Finding Himself. »8/13/15 4:45pm8/13/15 4:45pm