At Wimbledon, The Focus Is On What The Women Are Wearing

Maria Sharapova "upset the traditionalists" recently by announcing that she'll be playing uber-conservative Wimbledon in shorts. Not just any shorts, mind you. As Vogue UK reports, Nike has designed a unique outfit for the star, which pays homage to London's "history in bespoke tailoring." Says the third-seeded… » 6/24/08 4:20pm 6/24/08 4:20pm

Agyness Deyn: Model, Singer, Annoyance... Actor?

  • Rumors are swirling that Aggy will be making her "major" acting debut this holiday season as Dr. Who's "Christmas companion" (don't look at me) in the show's major 12/25 episode. [Gallifreyone.com]
  • It takes a lot to replace Naomi Campbell. After, ahem, legal troubles prevented the beleaguered mannequin from walking in…
  • » 6/24/08 11:30am 6/24/08 11:30am