Shut Up; Xanadu Ruled

“Magic,” the biggest hit from 1980’s Xanadu, is somewhat unheralded as an empowerment anthem. One of that year’s most popular songs, its slinky John Farrar guitar line lent itself to the narrative told by the film—which is, obviously, that Olivia Newton John’s character Kira is a daughter of Zeus come to life via a… »8/11/15 11:42am8/11/15 11:42am


Here's Tilda Swinton Leading 1,500 People in a Barry White Dance-Along

And you thought Tilda Swinton couldn't get any cooler. At Roger Ebert's Film Festival this weekend, Swinton danced through the aisles of the Virginia Theater to Barry White's "You're the First, the Last, My Everything," and for a brief moment, every single person in the theater felt nothing but pure joy. Pure joy and… »4/24/13 12:25pm4/24/13 12:25pm

Westboro Baptist Church Will Picket 'Fag Enabler' Roger Ebert's Funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church, the independent Baptist church generally known for being a rather arbitrary hate group (all gay people and dead soldiers are evil, but Jennifer Lawrence is cool) that spends its time picketing funerals with offensive signage will be picketing the Monday morning funeral of Roger Ebert over… »4/08/13 12:40pm4/08/13 12:40pm

Roger Ebert's Wife Chaz Says Their Life Together Was 'More Beautiful and Epic Than a Movie'

For many of us who grew up eagerly awaiting the Saturday showing of Siskel and Ebert — and who later came to respect Roger Ebert as a whip-smart cultural critic and master of the internet — his death yesterday was a major loss. It's a less wonderful planet because he's not on it. »4/05/13 9:30am4/05/13 9:30am

Beyonce Doesn't Like Labels But 'I'm a Modern-Day Feminist, I Guess'

While she's been a lightning rod for claims of both feminism and anti-feminism (particularly since announcing her Mrs. Carter World Tour), Beyoncé has tended in the past to steer clear of the F-word that's put so many female celebrities in the hot seat. Until now, at least. Bey tells Vogue UK in a cover interview for… »4/03/13 9:00am4/03/13 9:00am

Roger Ebert Can't Believe That Anyone Would Care So Much About Justin Bieber Smoking Weed

In this edition of Tweet Beat, Roger Ebert ponders the sacrifice made by the paparazzo who died trying to get a photo of Justin Bieber smoking weed, Cory Monteith makes the paps an offer that they can probably refuse, Johnny Weir is finding glitter in strange places and the cute beat boxer from Pitch Perfect gets cast… »1/03/13 7:30pm1/03/13 7:30pm

Rebel Wilson Hosting the MTV Movie Awards? So Far the Apocalypse Is Awesome

The MTV Movie Awards have finally figured out what it will take to get us to watch the MTV Movie Awards: they have announced that Rebel Wilson will be hosting this year's ceremony on April 14th, the first female host since Sarah Silverman in 2007, and a damn good choice at that. However, it being MTV, here is the… »12/21/12 9:00am12/21/12 9:00am

Roger Ebert Calls Out the Media For Glorifying School Shootings

Much of the grieving nation is up in arms about the number of major media gaffes and indiscretions regarding yesterday's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Interviewing students as young as second grade who had just been reunited with their parents, for instance. Not to mention the… »12/15/12 1:15pm12/15/12 1:15pm