Oh Thank God, Donald Trump and Fox Have Resolved Their Feud 

Please exhale, because Donald Trump and Fox have finally resolved their two-week long lover’s quarrel, which began after Fox anchor Megyn Kelly asked Trump reasonable questions during the first Republican debate, and Trump responded presidentially by whining about it relentlessly while insinuating that Kelly is a… »9/07/15 5:45pm9/07/15 5:45pm

Bill O’Reilly Terrorized Another Female Fox News Staffer

Women might want to think twice before working for Bill O’Reilly. According to Gabriel Sherman’s new book, The Loudest Voice in the Room, the top Fox News anchor grew so enraged at a female producer after a botched segment in 2003 that, in order to defuse the situation, “a senior Fox executive” intervened and escorted… »1/12/14 3:59pm1/12/14 3:59pm