How Should an Abortion Be?

A pregnant woman I didn't know struck up a conversation with me at a party recently. We chatted amicably about the weather (bad), the Golden Globes (fine) and the food at the party (great) before the conversation turned—inevitably, it felt—towards birth (hers). She told me she was nervous but excited, that she could… » 1/23/15 11:50am 1/23/15 11:50am

Republican Congresswomen Object to Clause in GOP's New Abortion Bill

As it stands the GOP's current abortion bill - slated to be introduced next week - would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The current legislation makes allowances for abortion in the case of rape, but requires that women formally report their assault to the police in order to qualify for the exemption. But some… » 1/17/15 1:15pm 1/17/15 1:15pm

Pro-Life Activists Are Tracking License Plates of Abortion Patients

The groups NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Progress Texas have obtained audio from a training session held by anti-abortion groups that reveals that those activists track patients, employees and doctors visiting and working at abortion clinics via license plates, physical descriptions and tax records. » 8/13/14 2:50pm 8/13/14 2:50pm

Sarah Palin Remembers Roe v. Wade by Reminding You She's Abortion-Free

One-time government official Sarah Palin is on a roll right now. Fresh off of her choice to celebrate Martin Luther King Day by criticizing President Obama for "playing the race card," she took to her Facebook page to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade by pointing out the abortion she didn't but could have had. » 1/22/14 7:45pm 1/22/14 7:45pm

Jim Bob Duggar Thinks America's in the Midst of 'A Baby Holocaust'

In case you thought that Jim Bob Duggar's comments over the weekend comparing the liberal Americans to Nazi Germans and conservative Americans to the United States army during World War II weren't polarizing enough, he's gone a step further, explaining that the number of fetuses aborted in America is equivalent to "a… » 10/16/13 6:00pm 10/16/13 6:00pm

5 Reasons Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wishes Roe v. Wade Had Gone Differently

On Saturday, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke at the University of Chicago Law School about the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which occurred this past January (in case you didn't go out and get an abortion to celebrate). During Ginsburg's talk, she voiced issues she has about the ruling… » 5/14/13 5:15pm 5/14/13 5:15pm

Meet the Abortion Providers Risking Their Lives for Your Right to Choose

Forty years ago today, the Supreme Court ruled that women had a constitutional right to abortion based on the right to privacy. But — judging from the 30 states that passed 135 new laws restricting access to abortion during the past two years alone — it increasingly seems that privacy has not served the cause. That's… » 1/22/13 11:20am 1/22/13 11:20am

We're Obsessed With 'Sex Selection' for the Wrong Reasons

Both conservative politicians and some mainstream publications want us to think sex selective births — whether via abortion or pre-birth embryo testing — are on the rise and deserve our urgent attention. But while sex selection is unarguably a crucial problem in some countries that favor men over women, focusing on… » 8/29/12 4:40pm 8/29/12 4:40pm

Louisiana High School Kicks Girls Out If They Refuse Pregnancy Tests…

A Louisiana public school reserves the right to force girls they "suspect" are with child to take pregnancy tests on command. Students who test positive — or refuse to take the pregnancy test in the first place — aren't allowed to go to school anymore. Because pregnancy (aka sluttiness) is contagious, and if we just … » 8/06/12 7:00pm 8/06/12 7:00pm

Romney Blatantly Lies About Investment in Aborted Fetus Disposal Firm

There's something for everyone — anti-choicers, workers' rights advocates, Occupy Wall Street protestors, people who don't like liars — in this story about how Mitt Romney helped orchestrate a $75 million investment deal with a controversial medical-waste disposal firm in 1999. Naturally, he has tried very hard to… » 7/02/12 1:20pm 7/02/12 1:20pm

Will Military Women Finally Get the Abortion Access They Deserve?

The military reported 471 rapes of servicemembers in 2011, but the real number is probably higher, since the Pentagon's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office estimates that only about 13.5 percent of all rapes and sexual assaults in the military are actually reported. Several hundred women in the military… » 6/13/12 12:45pm 6/13/12 12:45pm

Conservative Women Dig the Rick Santorum ‘Family Man’ Narrative

Everything was probably fine when you woke up today — you went about your morning routine, brushing your teeth either before or after breakfast, either of which is perfectly fine because in America, your dental hygiene should be your business, making plans to do something fun but inexorably falling into a state of… » 3/24/12 6:05pm 3/24/12 6:05pm

Mitt-Flops: The Only Abortion-Themed Campaign Footwear You Need

Are you tired of always looking at Mitt Romney's face without being able to punch it? Are you angered by his upsetting and constantly evolving position on abortion? Then these are the perfect shoes for you: Mitt-Flops! They're flip-flops with Mitt's face on them, but they also feature his contradictory, flip-flopping » 3/01/12 10:30am 3/01/12 10:30am

Anti-Choicers Divided On Best Way To Take Away Women's Rights

It seems like the Republican Party made a secret promise to constituents to add 50% more nuts to the 2012 election, and now their commitment to being more reckless than ever is affecting the anti-abortion movement (which really didn't need any help in that department). While traditionally anti-choicers have been… » 12/05/11 11:10am 12/05/11 11:10am