Rock Of Love 2 Reunion: "Kiss My Perfect Barbee Ass"

The worst thing about Rock of Love 2 being over (and Bret's supposed "real" relationship with Ambre) is that there was no set up for a Rock of Love 3. But the best thing about the reunion show, clearly, was Angelique, the French stripper and porn star who won our hearts, even if she didn't win Bret's. Her dress… » 4/21/08 11:00am 4/21/08 11:00am

Rock Of 2 Reunion Sneak Peek: Heather Pulls Out Daisy's Weave

Some footage of the Rock of Love 2 reunion has leaked (via Riki Rachtman's YouTube account), and it shows a little bit more of the big fist fight between Heather (the runner-up from season one) and Daisy (the runner-up from season two). It looks really rough. Heather is one bitch not to be fucked with. She pounds… » 4/14/08 4:30pm 4/14/08 4:30pm

The Rock Of Love 2 Finale: Who Will Touch Bret's Backstage Pass?

So tonight is the season finale of Rock of Love 2. Jeez, time flies when you're watching strippers and out-of-work actresses battle it out for the attention of a man with more weave tracks and under-eye concealer than them. After all these weeks, it's come down to two women: The blonde with fake tits and the blonde… » 4/13/08 9:00pm 4/13/08 9:00pm

Rock Of Love 2: Bret Removes His Bandanna

On last night's episode of Rock of Love 2, the parents of the three remaining girls came to visit, and Amber's dad nearly fucked up the whole competition for her when he told Bret her real age. (She's 37, not 32.) She insisted that she was so used to telling people her stage age, she didn't realize that she'd lied to… » 4/07/08 2:00pm 4/07/08 2:00pm

Rock Of Love 2: Being In Debt From Your Boob Job Can Make It Difficult…

With her tattoos and bountiful breasts, Daisy has been a front runner since the beginning of the season of Rock of Love 2. But the price she paid for those breasts may end up costing her in the end and keep her from winning Bret's heart. As Amber pointed out on last night's episode, it makes no sense that Daisy is… » 3/31/08 6:00pm 3/31/08 6:00pm

Rock Of Love 2: Heather Makes A Triumphant Return

Heather, the stripper with a heart of gold who came in second place on the first season of Rock of Love, returned on last night's episode to stir up some shit and do some recon for Bret. She instantly improved the atmosphere, and heightened our amusement levels by getting the girls to do body shots, hang out in… » 3/24/08 2:00pm 3/24/08 2:00pm

When You Talk To Bret Michaels, He'll Stare Deeply Into Your Décolletage

The major difference between Flavor of Love and Rock of Love is that Bret Michaels is way more likable than Flav, if only because he's just as invested in the drama and gossip as the girls trying to rock his world. But he's also proven himself to be a creative problem-solver! When on a double date with Megan and… » 3/18/08 11:00am 3/18/08 11:00am

Rock Of Love 2: The Girls Perform Their Patriotic Duty, Strip For…

What was shocking on last night's episode of Rock of Love 2 wasn't that two of the girls found it appropriate to perform a risqué striptease to a group of senior citizen war veterans, but that they were really bad at it. I mean, this is Rock of Love. I thought that stripping experience was a prerequisite when… » 3/03/08 4:00pm 3/03/08 4:00pm

Rock Of Love 2: Bret Michaels Sleeps With His Bandanna/Wig On

Catherine, one of the more "mature" contestants on Rock of Love 2, hadn't won a date with Bret during the entire competition thus far, so in a last ditch effort to stay in the game on last night's episode, she surprised him with breakfast in bed. Judging by his eyes, and his facial puffiness in general, it seems as… » 2/25/08 7:00pm 2/25/08 7:00pm

Rock Of Love 2: Strangely, Bret Michaels Thinks Mooning Is No Fun

Last night's Rock of Love 2 was extra enjoyable because we're beginning to get a sense of just how annoyed Bret gets with the girls. (And seriously, his patience has probably really been tested.) In the clip above, watch him get irritated with Daisy on their solo date (dinner in a lingerie store) when she asks him if… » 2/18/08 6:00pm 2/18/08 6:00pm

Rock Of Love 2: Aubrey Gets Up And Goes

On last night's episode of Rock of Love 2, Kristy Jo, who seems like an emotional basket case, decided that she might be falling in love with Bret, and that maybe that's not so good for her right now, considering that she's still legally married to her second husband. But when it came down to elimination, Aubrey — the… » 2/11/08 3:40pm 2/11/08 3:40pm

Rock Of Love 2's Angelique: "Bret, When You See My Porno Video, You…

Angelique Morgan, the French woman who was most eager to strip down to her birthday suit for Bret Michaels on Rock of Love 2, is in NYC for Fashion Week and yesterday, she agreed to sit down and answer a few questions about her recent departure from the show, her career as an adult film actress, and just what's a… » 2/08/08 4:40pm 2/08/08 4:40pm

Bret Michaels: "Animal, Vegetable, It Kinda Turns Me On"

Just about everyone and everything turns on Bret Michaels. A woman with big breasts? Turn-on. A woman with small breasts? Same thing. If a woman is shy, it turns him on, if a woman is throwing herself at him, it turns him on, and even if a woman is throwing up, it turns him on. It's become a running… » 1/30/08 6:20pm 1/30/08 6:20pm

Rock Of Love: Angelique Is One Less Frog Bret Will Have To Kiss

After getting completely naked for Bret pretty much every time she was in his presence, French stripper Angelique's tour of duty came to a close on last night's episode of Rock of Love. The G-string that broke the camel's back was the one Angelique flung off during what was supposed to be a burlesque dance at Forty… » 1/28/08 11:00am 1/28/08 11:00am

Rock Of Love 2: The Girls Display Their "Talents"

For the first challenge of the competition to win Bret's heart on Sunday, the girls were to put on a talent show...in a peep show booth. Of course, they didn't know the peep show booth was an element in the challenge, but somehow, more than half of them had the foresight to prepare a striptease as a performance.… » 1/22/08 2:20pm 1/22/08 2:20pm

Rock Of Love 2: New Season, New Strippers, New Wig For Bret

I don't know if it's because of where and how I've spent the last five days, but the contestants on last night's premiere of Rock of Love 2 didn't seem as outrageous, trashy, or slutty as I expected. But don't get me wrong, I'm still excited about this new season, and I'm sure I'll warm up to the girls very soon. So… » 1/14/08 7:00pm 1/14/08 7:00pm

Rock Of Love 2 Sneak Peek Threatens Us With A Good Time

A four-minute, extended preview for Rock of Love 2 has been airing on VH1 this week (during the week-long marathon of every cycle of ANTM, which was a hangover helper on January 1). First of all, how gorgeous is Bret's new wig? Secondly, the girls vying for Bret's love (or temporary attention?) this time around seem… » 1/03/08 6:30pm 1/03/08 6:30pm